Map of tower cranes in Raleigh

Hey Y’all,
Not sure if anyone has done this before, but I put together a simple map of all of the tower cranes in Raleigh at the moment. I count 10.
Does anyone know the all-time record for most cranes up at one time?


There’s a couple cranes at the Bandwidth HQ at the corner of Edwards mill and reedy creek, if that counts.


yeah, they have a bunch of huge ones! Do you remember if any of them are towers?

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I don’t think any of them are tower cranes. Actually, now that I think about it, there is a tower crane at the corner of chapel hill rd and corporate center drive. Looks like they’re building apartments but the crane may not be there much longer.


Isn’t that Cary over there? :grin:

There is a small tower crane near the intersection of Chapel Hill Road (Hwy 54) and Corporate Center Drive where they are building a big apartment building.

Is the Budleigh East development going to have some cranes? Saw somewhere they broke ground recently.

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Is it worth tracking when the crane was erected? At least for the DTR cranes, that should be easy to find via this forum. Not sure about North Hills but likely also available info here.

Nice! I will have to go check it out!

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This wasn’t meant to be an ongoing database, if someone wants to tackle that, I am all for it!

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There is a yearly crane index published by RLB that tracks the number of cranes in large cities across North America. A similar thread was started over on the Charlotte boards to track cranes there, as Charlotte was not mentioned on the list despite a literal wild amount of cranes absolutely everywhere (we are still identifying all the cranes but likely would have landed in fourth place among the published list, with LA just ahead of us and Denver just behind).

Wanted to start a similar count here because Raleigh would certainly also appear ahead of a number of other cities that were included such as Phoenix and Boston (both listed as having 9 cranes currently). NYC was listed as having 10 cranes, Vegas with 12, and Chicago/Honolulu/Portland all tied at 14. I’m not there frequently enough to keep track, but if there are at least 15 cranes up currently then that would put Raleigh solidly midpack.

Basic criteria is a fixed crane sprouting from a base (and/or attached to a building), with a boom that can rotate 360 degrees, and Raleigh address. No mobile cranes.

I’ll try to edit this post with additional cranes as they are mentioned. I know I’m missing a ton currently but off the top of my head…

Capital Square
Kindley St
The Weld x2
Village District
Seaboard Station


There are at least 2 at North Hills (new residential, and the lab building). Not sure if the one at Midtown Exchange is still there. That would make three in the NH area alone.

Keep in mind this list doesn’t include a single city from the Southeast or Texas…

Yeah, there were a ton of cities not mentioned that I’m sure have at least low double-digit crane numbers. Austin, Nashville, and Tampa were notable omissions in addition to Raleigh and Charlotte.

Not sure where to put this. To my surprise Google Maps has updated the Globe view to a more current view , looks to be circa September ‘23


The Seaboard Station aerial shot would suggest that it’s not that recent. Perhaps there are parts of the city that are updated while others are not? …or, perhaps you have to zoom in or out at the right scale to see updated images?

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I dunno but all the Seaboard buildings are topped out on mine at all angles and the Capital Square building is at ~16 stories