- Meetup Events -

February Meetup is live! See you all on Feb 8.


Is they’re a meetup this month.

Yes. Just posted it.


Wait is this new? I thought you bought all the beer…

One patron thought I picked up the tab so I added it some time last year. Your welcome to treat everyone if you so please. I’m not going to get in your way on that effort.


I wouldn’t be able to afford my Gucci lifestyle if I went around handing out free beers to everyone, but I appreciate you setting these up each month. I should at least buy you a beer.


Get me a water next time. :wink:

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Go get more $100 bills from the bank. :dollar:

Shoot - I arrive in Raleigh on Friday - I hope. I am just gonna miss y’all. :frowning:

You’ll be just in time for the after party on Friday, drinking on the sidewalk outside the Holiday Inn.

I thought it was today.

So sorry to see that but glad to have you.

It’s alright next week I’ll be out of town see ya in April.


I’ll probably be late. Someone cover for me.

We’ll be there around 5:40. I’ll tell everyone I’m you. It’ll be fine.

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We’re out back in case anyone is on the way.

Have one for me. I’ll be walking South Beach.

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You should come back to Raleigh. It’s warm now.

A.P. (After Pollen) :sneezing_face: