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I’d like to invite members to our next Reader Meetup. The format is casual, join up when you can.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Growler USA

We’ll chat about downtown, transit, development and just get a chance to put faces to those we chat with online. It’s always a good time.

Hope to see you there.


We have a Meetup page now if that’s what you are in to. Hat tip to @OakCityDylan for the hookup. We’ll see where this goes for future meetups. What kind of things would you like to do in real life?


Reminder about the meetup this evening. I’m looking forward to it! We should just be on the first floor of Growler USA.

I really need to get a flag or something.


Let’s try a different sort of meetup. I’ve actually never done the Joel Lane Musuem House. Let’s catch a guided tour and then, if we’re feeling up for it, go somewhere nearby to talk downtown.

DTRaleigh Community

Raleigh, NC
122 Raleighites

A meet up for the community to discuss all things downtown Raleigh.

Check out this Meetup Group →

All are welcome!


Time for the Spring reader meetup. Same format as before before we try to change it up. Come on out!

DTRaleigh Reader Meetup

Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 5:30 PM

Growler USA - Raleigh
314 S Blount St Raleigh, NC

6 Raleighites Went

Time for the spring meetup! Come on out and meet other readers from the Community. We'll be co-hosting along with some other Raleigh-area folks behind The Acorn, Inbound Raleigh, and ITB Insider. It's a Raleigh-media networking event! (sort of) Anyone is invited so come offline and meet folks over some tasty drinks. The Acorn - https://tinyletter.c...

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Sept 19, we’re meeting at the new Dram and Draught. Come on out!



I’ve felt so bad for the Quorum Center folks. I heard they have been moving back in so maybe the fire incident is finally all cleaned up. I’ve got this event on my calendar, hope to make it.

You’re invited to attend a

Glenwood South Mixer

Celebrating the return of residents to

Quorum Condominiums!

Monday, September 16, 2019 | 5:30-7:30pm

Clouds Brewing | 126 N West St.

Appetizers Provided | Door Prizes


Reminder we’ve got the reader Meetup tonight. Weather looks great for some outdoor drinking. Hoping to see some new, and familiar, folks from the Community.



The October DTR CAC Social has been scheduled for October 23! Please consider coming and hanging out with us at Transfer Co.!

Facebook: http://rlgh.life/social1023fb
MeetUp: http://rlgh.life/social1023mu

Please Tweet the event and go to Facebook and invite your friends. Even if you don’t live downtown and/or can’t make it, you probably have friends that live downtown and we’d love to have them join. With the election runoffs around the corner from this social, the more people we can activate, the better.

It would also be immensely helpful if everybody on this board that has Twitter would follow and set up Tweet alerts for @dtrcac and one step further, retweet us! If you consider the typical demographic of the DTR resident, they’re heavily into social media and the more exposure we get, the more impact we will have. Conversely, if you have Facebook and can like our page facebook.com/dtrcac and show “interest” in our event even if you can’t go, that would also be fantastic! Thanks for all the help, DTR peeps!


Where’s the meetup this evening?

Clouds Brewing. Should be in the links in my post above.

I won’t be going. I can only add 1 new member who has met me each year. @OakCityDylan was 2019, @R-Dub was 2020. Maybe next year…

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@GucciLittlePig have you put any thought into who the lucky 2021 candidate will be? And you met @Bsalamon too. Sorry! So may it’s 1 in 2019; 2 in 2020; and 3 in 2021?

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Oh dear. If anything I’m going to have to take 2021 off

I typically bump into people all the time so watch out this year!

This is not really about Raleigh or meetups, just something I found funny and sad. I got a $2.30 check for a settlement by $$$$ chasing law firm today. Seems there was some sort of lawsuit against Starkist, but I do not recall filling a claim. I wonder how much the lawyers got???.

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No surprise this thread has been dead since Feb. Probably for the best. That said, I think it’s worth an attempt to pull some people together that are good with an outside (chilly) socially distanced gathering. I’m proposing a location and date that I hope will actually work out for Karla and I getting back in town. It’s possible our dates for the Fairweather change and we can’t make it, but no reason any others that can make it don’t meet up. So, let’s give it a try!

Location: Standard Beer + Food
Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Time: 7p - ?

Remember, bring masks, hand sanitizer, and maybe a full body suit? :slight_smile:


Is this still gonna be a thing?

It is for us. :joy:
If nobody else shows up, no biggie. I know you’re down. :+1:t3:

I’d have loved to meet y’all in person, but I completely forgot to put this on my calendar… :sweat_smile: whoops.

How’d it go?