Municipal Services and Safety in DTR

Given the usual lag between announcement and construction of projects in this city, this seems shockingly fast.

Not complaining, though! :wink:


I’m surprised as well.

Hopefully this system takes roots in Raleigh and becomes common through out.


@dtraleigh Thank you in advance for the picture!

…and I know that I am going to get “skewered” for this, but here goes…

I am surprised that the city didn’t put these on a “side” street or “back” street…?
So, now we have DTR’s newest landmark/attraction, the first ever in the country Open Trash area! :rofl::mask::scream:
I can see it now, step right up, don’t be shy, it won’t bite, take a selfie…lol Sorry, I had to go there…:upside_down_face::crazy_face::wink::grinning:


Actually drove by them last night after the council meeting. They’ll take some getting used to, but if it means no more disgusting carts of trash everywhere, I’m thrilled.

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Is that the final state? I thought more of the containers would be underground.

Agree that they’re still better than the alternative.

I thought so too, but if you look at the video, they’re 3-4’ above ground. :frowning: :-1:

They could always spruce them up a bit. Some paint. probably too late to plant any kind of shrubs or plantings.

They are 8 feet long, about 5 feet of it is underground.

As a replacement for our old “Barrel Monster” ? :grin:

I think some of the mural people could easily do something with these. Especially before they get dirty


Looks like what I expected. I think the design could be better. Paint would help. Much much better then dumpsters and piles.

Article from WRAL:

They have sensors to control odors underground, and trash will be collected above ground.

“We are in the process of retrofitting a special truck that can lift them up with an arm, more like a crane,” Martin said.

The city plans to test out the cans through summer 2020, hoping that the pilot program will save time and money on garbage collection.

The article links another article that shows the Molok’s trimmed in wood. It makes them much less offensive.


It’s says it’s a trial. Good for Raleigh thinking a little outside the “cart”. That said, seems like there could be a better place to put them.

Maybe they’re not the most attractive things to have out by the sidewalk, but I think the location was well-chosen. The intersection of Hargett and Wilmington has one of the highest concentrations of restaurants in Downtown, and the amount of waste they generate requires a lot of trash and recycling capacity.


I took a closer look at them this morning and they do have some aesthetically pleasing surrounding. Once they pull the wrapper off we’ll see what exactly. Also, they’re more like 4’ above ground.


The WRAL video shows that it’s the wood plank surround. That’s good!


Raleigh Gov posted a video of them removing the wrapper off the trash bins. I really like they painted some with different themes and not all wood plank, I think I saw one with the skyline like it was viewed from DIX park.


Wow those actually look way better! And I didn’t really mind them before LOL


Anyone know how restaurants are supposed to get their waste into there? Do they have to dump a large cart or expecting bag by bag?

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