Nash Square Hotel at Dawson/Martin

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I LOVE ALL OF THESE!!! I lament that so much historic architecture has been lost. I appreciate modern buildings as well (well most of them anyway). Just wish we could have a little pocket of classic buildings around Nash Square. I think it would give the area a personality of its own.


TBJ article on this:


Nash Square in particular, had a lot of hotels because of this guy.
It’s still there as evident in the article, but indeed…the emperor has no clothes…


I believe @nipper.dwight may have mentioned this before but the article states they want to replace a “parking lot and small commercial buildings” - this won’t effect the Berkely Cafe building right? I think it should have some sort of preservation/protection, personally.


I love that old station, but feel like it must have been a bit awkward getting the tracks to the station (at least in the current configuration). Did the trains back in/out of the station to connect to the main lines? I would love a half block of hotels around Nash Square again (City Hall takes the northern side, and N&O site takes half of the eastern side). But several smaller scale hotels (rather then 1000 room beasts) would fit the scale of Nash Square and “connect” RUS to DT proper (IE Fayetteville Street). A guy can dream, right?


It was indeed a back in station. The various railroads using the station either folded or left to build their on pull through stations. There are some guys on Urban Planet that know this stuff like the back of their hand and perhaps they can chime in here…I made a chart to help me remember the various railroad histories but don’t have it handy. Late 40’s and early 50’s I believe it was out of use and what we know as the Amtrak station and Logans had replaced it. Nash square also had the City bus terminal facing Morgan St too around the time (Union Bus station I think) Union Train Station closed. I’m not sure when the various hotels closed, but intra city buses obviously were not the key to keeping the open…downtown in general was slowly being abandoned by then. A smattering of small, quirky and cool hotels between the warehouse district and Fayetteville St would definitely be cool. Large tan boxes taking out and blanding big stretches of curb, not so much. I hope the developer understands this and has some emotional investment in downtown too and not just a financial one.


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And thanks to the merge I am reminded that Dwight did confirm Berkley should not be affected. Eases my nerves a bit! Excited for this one!


Here are a few pictures of Raleigh’s previous Union Station.



For clarity’s sake, the building is still there, just without its tower, eaves, tracks and platforms (one platform roof was at Amtrak though…they are storing it for now)


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I have reviewed the plans as submitted to the city, and I am mostly OK with the overall plan for this hotel.

However, as always, I do have one complaint. Which is: they are proposing to take all the curb space along their entire frontage on Martin Street as a hotel drop-off zone. This is in addition to the large off-street drop off zone they are also proposing on their internal driveway.

I am hesitant about granting public space like this to developers in the first place, and in this particular case I’m strongly opposed to it. Here’s why:

First: I have a suspicion that Martin Street will be very important for BRT, as this is the best route for linking GoRaleigh station and Union Station. If we really want BRT to work, we’ll need dedicated lanes, and sorry, that’s not going to happen with a hotel drop off zone.

Second: It was obvious before but with Bird and Lime it’s even more obvious: we need more, better, separated bike facilities. The BikeRaleigh plan names Martin Street as one of just two such planned east-west facilities downtown, and indeed the only one in the 10 year priority plan. It’s a very important piece of our city’s future bike network. similar in scope and need to the West Street cycletrack that seems to be getting more attention from the media and public.

So if we’re actually serious about accommodating transportation other than cars, the city should, plainly, deny the request for an on-street drop off zone. If the hotel doesn’t think they can function with only the off-street drop off zone as proposed, they should be sent back to the drawing board to redesign it.


Nash Square Hotel will start soon , before 301 Hillsborough St.

301 Hillsborough

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I can’t remember but did we ever get info on what the 9 story hotel at Nash Square was going to be?


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This will definitely improve the rundown and lifeless look that Nash Square currently has. I still can’t picture those two 20 story towers that the City will build will look like. Someone should get a good 360 drone shot of the area and then in 20 years-ish compare it.