New boutique hotel / event space coming to Boylan Heights?

Lawyers are sending out letters to residents about the rezoning of Montford Hall (the huge red mansion on the corner of Boylan and Mountford ave) for a boutique hotel / event space.


That actually sounds pretty cool. Hope it works out.


Is that building historically protected from demolition?
ix is light industrial; that seems like an odd request for a boutique hotel and event space, unless I don’t understand what light industrial entails.
cu must mean conditional use. If so, I’d make that iron clad to make sure that a switcheroo can’t be done.

I googled “Montford Hall” and according to Wikipedia, it is a Registered Historic Landmark. So I assume that it is protected from being torn down.

Would be great to have this (semi)open for the public to enjoy. An Inn would not bring parking issues (8 rooms?), but the event space may be an issue. Hope it works out. A gem!

Event space will mean onsite parking. That’s a huge downside. I’d hate to see that gracious plot destroyed by asphalt.

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Not necessarily. I’d envision this space being alot like the City Club in Wilmington, which has no real on site parking. Event space for small receptions and dinners. Then a handful of rooms for guests ; could always valet for parking and even use the parking deck at the Dillon to stash cars and have the valets get back and forth via a second car or something else.

I believe the Merrimon-Wyne house does not provide on-site parking. They seemed to have figured it out.


Merrimon-Wyne uses the parking lot one block south. I’m getting married there next year :slight_smile:

Well then I stand corrected. I guess the lot was there before the house so they must have some kind of arrangement.

My cousin got married at All Saints Chapel on East Street and there was not any parking (just as a point of reference). Many folks stayed at hotels that were walking distance and didn’t have a car.

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I really hope they can make this happen. I heard there were some concerns from the neighbors.

The concerns are mostly centered around the zoning uncertainties mentioned above and what that could mean for future development by different owners over time. I think some are also curious about the exact types of uses that the new owners have in mind. Otherwise, I think most neighbors are in support of this property being restored and activated.

The new owners also live in the neighborhood, so they should have a vested interest in being a positive part of the existing neighborhood rather than running roughshod over existing residents.

I, for one, have been waiting to see something happen with it for years!


The zoning case around Montford Hall goes before the planning commission this Tuesday, Jan 15. They may or may not vote for it but might be worth following for some folks.


Montford Hall got their rezoning. :+1:


Exciting news! Raleigh needs more boutique hotels and this saves a beautiful historic home.

Looks like they are up and running:


I enjoyed the complaints from some guy on the Boylan Heights Facebook group that the lights are too bright and keep him awake at night. Someone suggested he contact them directly with his concern, and he was like: “Oh no they’re not going to care, because earlier on in development, they shook the grass or weeds too much and made mosquitos fly into my yard.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Anyways, glad to see this up and running! Really cool addition to downtown.


This renovation looks so great. Really glad this couple did this. One of my biggest frustrations with DTR is all the dilapidated (but beautiful) homes in Oakwood and Boylan Heights that just sit there when they could be restored.


WRAL has an article on this today. Looks like an amazing place. Historic Raleigh mansion now a boutique hotel that owners believe will boost other downtown venues ::