New restaurants near Peace Street


Glad to see this section of West taking shape. I love The Cardinal bar and look forward to seeing what the owners do with this lunch spot.

Now if we can just make that section of West more bike/ped friendly.


Isn’t improving that area all tied to the Capital Blvd/Devereux Meadows project? I thought that a significant bike path was planned going northward from DT through this area.
As for pedestrian access, I couldn’t agree more. The piecemeal nature of the sidewalk infrastructure isn’t cutting it. The city needs to install the sidewalk through the entire corridor and not rely on developers to install them as they improve the area. This method (presumed) just leaves us with a sparse patchwork of pedestrian infrastructure.

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Now you really want your taxes to go up even more?
I personally wish that the city could afford putting sidewalks and burying utilities throughout the city as it would be beautiful and safer…not to mention more of the Green Trail system! :blush::blush::blush:

I seem the remember that West Street north of Peace will get redone but only when it is extended further north to Fairview.

I’d like to think the use case here is to be able to ride a scooter from Five Points all the way to Dix using Fairview/West some day. :grin:

Yes. I do want my taxes to go up if it means that I can expect a markedly improved experience provided by my revenues.

I already pay more in RE taxes because I am in that special taxation zone. The way I understand it, I am paying for the improved waste/recycling receptacles, the ambassadors, the wayfinding and possibly the RLine in downtown. You’re welcome.

That said, I am not sure that my taxes must be increased because the areas where we need improved infrastructure to spur development are the very same areas that provide us the greatest opportunity to increase tax revenues. The city’s downtown properties have more potential for financial productivity for the city than anywhere else.

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