Olde East Neighborhood

Today, the interior of the Transfer Co. Food Hall will be open to the public as NCSU is holding an event there from Noon to 6 PM.


This thread will be reserved for all other updates on the Transfer Co. Food Hall


It appears that they have a lot of work to complete if they plan on opening in June. Looks more like early fall.

In the story about Morgan Street Food Hall, a comment was made that Transfer. Co. would be open late Summer. I suppose that allows them to go all way into September and not be wrong.


TBJ is reporting that Locals Seafood will be a tenant in the Transfer Co. Food Hall.

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According to Burial Beer’s Facebook page. They will be expanding into the Transfer Co. space and should be open sometime in the winter.
Here is their post.
" Horizontal growth. That’s us. See more customers. Talk to them. Hear their stories. Tell ours. Burial is coming to Raleigh. And staying. This Winter we will open our arms to the searchers, the willful wanderers and those yearning to know the maker’s tale.

Our tiny Triangle outpost will allow us to share our finest taproom-only offerings with a larger crowd east, where imbibers currently have to travel a 9 hour round trip to pick up beer. This art-filled catacomb will open in its own storefront connected to the Transfer Co Food Hall, a beautifully-restored century-old coachhouse in Raleigh’s expanding downtown. The opportunity gave us a chance to curate our commitment to reviving dead and decayed structures in AVL, on the east side of the state.

What does this mean for Burial’s growth? Not much. We aren’t making more beer. Expanding our retail reach allows us to be more sustainable, and share a more direct relationship with our customers. It also means more beer for the North Carolinians that held us up high in our infancy, and carried us to be the brewery we know are. It’s our “farmers market” of the east.

We are beyond excited to share our makings, relationships and festivities with the people of the Triangle. More to come. Thanks for trekking along the winding path with us.

Also an article from N&O


Love Burial! Definitely my favorite brewery in Asheville.

I wonder what their setup will be. I had heard that Person St. Bar/ Locals Seafood would be the main spot serving beer with the Centro-owned spot also serving a little, but hadn’t heard the idea for a small taproom.

Also, will you be able to get bottle beers from Saxapahaw General store and drink them on the patio?

Any guesses on this stuff?

New website update with vendors: https://www.transfercofoodhall.com/

I heard Saxapahaw had pulled out, and the website now seems to reflect that.

According to Saxapahaw General Store, they havn’t pulled out. They are still involved, but aren’t actually in the food hall. They are supposed to be in the new building being built behind it (or off to the side of it). They are just on a different time frame apparently.

(this info is coming from the Saxapahaw side, so unless the Transfer folks have decided different, this seems like the plan)


Ahh I hope that is the case, I was looking forward to it being there.

The more I hear about Transfer, the more I think about how it mirrors MSFH. The general store will be next door, similar to how Weaver Street Market is in The Dillon next to MSFH.

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IMO, the pretense with which that Facebook post was written is nauseating.

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Really shaping up to be the more compelling of the two food halls IMHO. Stoked about the possibility of grabbing a bagel and some coffee in the morning before work and a dozen oysters and some wine on the way home.


Time will tell. I think that MSFH will end up expanding into adjacent space. The good news is that they will both end up being the centers of their respective communities.

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I think what I like a bit more about Transfer is that while they should have plenty of things for me to consume there, they will also be a place where I can pick up some fresh groceries (bagels from Benchwarmers, seafood from Locals, even a growler or two from Burial) to bring home and eat at a later time. MSFH, while they do have some packaged dry goods (Transfer may as well if they get Sax. Gen Store), seems much more about eating while you are on site. Perhaps this is one reason why the butcher (don’t actually recall the name) dropped out? Maybe they will end up going to Transfer? Either way, I’m glad we have access to both and it is such an exciting time to be living in DTR.


According to twitter and their website, Locals Oyster & Person St. Bar is set to open this Saturday for an RSVP dinner.
Copied from their website : “Our space at Transfer Co. Food Hall is complete & we are ready to show it off! Celebrate with us on December 22 for our Feast of the Seven Fishes. Due to high demand, a reservation and $25 deposit per person is required to attend. This 8-course meal will cost $95 per person not including beverage, tax & tip. Your deposit will be credited toward your final bill for the evening. Limited tickets are available for three seatings: 5:00pm, 6:30pm, 8:00pm To book your reservation, email hello@localsoysterbar.com with your name, number in your party, phone number, and preferred seating time. We’ll be in touch to confirm your reservation and process your deposit cost.”
Here is a picture uploaded to twitter.

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They also had an event tonight. Che Empanadas, Local Seafood, and some coffee place were all open, as was the bar. Limited menu and limited engagement, but it was a nice preview. Very excited for this to all be open. They’ve made a lot of progress inside but definitely have a bit more to do.


Thoughts or insight on how it compares (or will compare) to Morgan Street? Just curious, mostly because its the closest thing to me.

Dang, that’s nice. Too bad I’m 9000 miles away right now but at least when I get back it’s just down the street and open!

I think it’s definitely going to be classier, cozier, and higher quality. But also maybe smaller and less Central to what most people consider downtown. I’m hopeful that with Burial coming in, it will be a draw for people to explore the area. There was a large section completely closed off behind sheets of plastic, but the parts that were opened looked very nice.

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