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I agree with this 100% as someone trained in Social/Political Science as well as researching it on my own. Roughly speaking, about 30% of the population can be categorized as “conservative” and 30% as “liberal”–universally; I.e., across cultures and history. People have underlying pre-rational worldviews which lend one to adopt a more conservative or liberal ideology. Put another way, most people don’t decide on an ideology after a long and thorough review of facts and information; we’re already predisposed towards one.
That’s why “reaching across the aisle” can be so futile. People can debate facts and logic ad nauseum and still not change positions or come to agreement. It’s a bit fatalistic but if we could all be self-aware of this it might be helpful.


Simon Sinek actually helped me fully grasp this concept with his analysis of brands that have achieved extremely loyal followings. It’s usually not the product that creates the following, but rather the emotional connection consumers have with the brand, developed by a common set of beliefs and attitudes. Or otherwise put, a herd instinct of “us” replaces the utility of the underlying product. The product could be shoes, or a partisan referendum.


Interesting development on the quality of local news articles: maybe journalists are not big fans of how sensationalist we’re getting, either? Two more local reporters have quit their jobs.

The Facebook announcements by Emmy-winning WRAL anchor Sloane Heffernan and CBS17 reporter Colleen Quigley are the latest in what seems like a small but continuing trend of resigning journalists. WRAL’s Kathryn Brown also left the news industry last year, as did now-YouTuber Julie Wilson from ABC11 and anchor Tisha Powell from the same channel.


I got a friend at channel 11, they currently looking for Tisha’s replacement when she leaves in July. They Chris replacement Do Schwenneger. And do replacement in the morning is Kwelyn murphy who debuted Wednesday.

I find myself more and more going to this website for the latest non-pay sites for business news specifically:


Not sure where else to put this, but Raleigh’s new police chief, Estella Patterson, was sworn in today:


TV News has become a wringer of an industry as of late as stations try to do more news with less people. Raleigh is an odd market given the history of affiliation flips (the multiple moves of NBC, the 1998 move of Fox) and that you have an incumbent locally based broadcaster that has a two station pairing grandfathered in.

Usually I would say that Raleigh could support a fourth OTA news operation given its size, heck Roanoke has four and is 40+ spots down the Nielsen DMA list. But there just is a feeling that local TV is going to cave upon itself and the results might not be pretty.

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I thought this was a lighthearted story to see on the news today and hadn’t seen it shared yet (correct me if I’m wrong).

It’s not made clear in the text, but he rappelled down the Wells Fargo building (in case you don’t want to watch the video).


Not exactly sure where this goes but “news” seems appropriate since it’s the RALToday newsletter?

Anyway, somebody in our group is famous!!! Who is it??


Also Raleigh could support a second Spanish-language news operation and a Black news operation.

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It can its just who’s willing to invest… we’re too big of a market for 3 it’s operation + Noticias 40 (Spanish-language).

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Raleigh became a Top 25 market a few years back and only two larger markets have under four news departments. One of those, Detroit, is finally being rectified as CBS plans on relaunching news at its mess of its Detroit duopoly. The other is St. Louis where Sinclair does nothing on its ABC outlet.

If markets such as Greenville-Spartanburg, Hartford, Harrisburg, Lexington, and Roanoke can support four news departments the Triangle easily could. It would just mean either unwindinf WRAL/WRAZ or getting someone with motivation to buy WLFL from Sinclair. I’m sure if their own stupidity forces them to sell stations someone with a lot of holdings in the Carolinas such as Tegna or Gray would love the entry into a constrained market.

Actually now we’re #24 largest.

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Well Sinclair could retrofits News on WLFL they just in Winston-Salem. So maybe there hope. Also with Nexstar eyeing CW WNCN could switch to CW and CBS will have to find another station possible WLFL/WRDC and make it an O&O. Then there be an ABC, CBS, and CW O&O plus a Univision and Telemundo O&O in this market.

It’s all the same shit, min by min, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, year by year, decade by decade. All of them. Read a book instead, talk with your neighbor, have drink with them, stay away from the sick media.


I actually enjoy Spectrum news and their weather on the ones :+1:t2:

Yeah, does anyone actually watch local news anymore? About the only time I watch is during a weather event like a winter storm or hurricane. Otherwise it’s just a report of murder and mayhem.


JGKES (James Goodknight Education Syndrome) is in the chat, the more OTA news the more market viability. Someone is suffering from the James Goodknight Education Syndrome.

That’s news… People care about what going on maybe not cable but OTA, and network news are being watched.

Listen, I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to say most of the time, and I don’t really care. But you keep saying this like it’s a thing, and I just wanted to let you know his name is Goodnight, not GoodKnight, so your made-up acronym doesn’t even work.