Parking in DTR tips and tricks

I live in downtown so I really haven’t had to master the ins and outs of parking downtown but I’d like to get some advice together for people who come here to visit and get frustrated. Obviously street parking is free after 5 and on weekends, but in particular I’d like to know about lots that are free after certain times or other good spots.

St. Mary’s street in front of the Joel Lane House. I’m downtown adjacent (and refuse to pay for parking downtown) and any time I go DT for an event, haircut, shopping, etc. I park there and walk. Back in the day it was Hargett St. & Bloodworth or that area but with added development over the years I got tired of driving in circles. Every now and then I still park around Nash square when it’s midday and I’m feeling lucky.

Plus they don’t have to try to parallel if they’re from an area where that’s not a thing.

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