Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


It amazes me that people are judging a huge mass of concrete. I will stare at the entire “new and improved” Smokey Hollow development everyday and I, for one, am very happy about what’s happening in the area. An eyesore of an area is getting new life, active street scenes, and density.


I just did a morning walk around London the opposite is going on imo. Oddly shaped and comical towers are going up left and right. It just doesn’t work very well. It think they’re eyesore, the whole lot.


Based on the floor-to-ceiling height of the first floor on the corner of Peace and West, it seems like the Publix “first floor” will actually take up two stories of space. Just wondering if this will be an “11 story” building with the height of 12. I also do think that, even in it’s current state, it vastly improves the city-feel when driving in from the north.


When I saw peace last weekend it appeared to only be about 5-6 stories up from peace St, although I didn’t count. Is there an official count of where they are at?

Regarding FNB tower, I think the crane will have to be raised as it’s not as tall as the duke energy building. FNB is supposed to be taller than duke energy building right?


I’ll answer my question, it appears they are working on floors 6-7


Yeah that crane (for FNB) will most certainly have to be raised. The roof height will be just under the Duke building but the crown on the Fayetteville St side is what will make it appear taller. Still the tallest thing being built in the city since PNC (which finished TEN years ago). I think people are wildly underestimating its potential impact on the skyline, particularly from the South.


The impact of Peace will likely be the gift that keeps on giving. It can’t be emphasized enough how a major grocer in a building of this size will be a catalyst to more adjacent investment. A project of this scale gives assurance to developers that the location is not only viable, but desirable. I expect a lot to happen up West St, and in the general area over the next decade.


It’s not totally the same from all angles, but that’s close enough. If you were on the new Harrington Street extension, you would count 7/8.


You can rest assured that they count the floors from the side where there are the most floors. The same is true for the height. Regardless, the building makes a huge impact at the street level on all sides in the neighborhood.


I think you misunderstood me. I’m also very excited for all of this redevelopment, and I make a point to go by this area just to look at the progress. I was just saying that the whole area has basically been dug up and flattened, and it obviously doesn’t look great at the moment. So I’m excited to see it all start coming together.


My bad @GucciLittlePig. I responded to the wrong post. I understood what you were saying.

Side Note: The facade of Rollins is coming down as I type.

Update: Rollins is gone.


Sweet! I kind of am tempted to drive by if I get out of work early


Henry Rollins cleaners could’ve been such a sweet space if they reno’d instead of demo’d :pleading_face:


There’s no way that was going to happen with that land value.


The owners of the land are floating the idea of going for a variance of up to 40 stories on that corner (Phase 3 of Smokey Hollow). I don’t think they have any intent of going that high [100% my opinion], but want their options open. Others here will know more about the various options for zoning. As a resident of the West, I can only speak for myself but they can go to 100 floors for all I care (except traffic). It will only block my view of Capital Blvd and give me something to post construction pictures of for years to come :grin:. Kane does things right from where I sit.


They can go for 100 floors for all I care irrespective of traffic. The amount of parking is what determines the amount of traffic. Just reduce the parking.


I haven’t been in town for 2 weeks but I’m pretty sure they’re extending the crane higher than it sits today (FNB that is).


I thought I would share an early morning picture of these guys pumping and finishing concrete while it’s dark out. Also, all the buildings around Rollins Cleaners are all 100% gone. This is Kane’s Peace project. They are working on the 9th floor now I believe.


This is going to be 12 stores? Its width makes it look short and stubby. That said, it is a great project.


11 or 12. They are building the floor part of the 10th floor now so it should top out soon. My view is the back side (parking deck in foreground). I think the finished product will look proportional.