Smoky Hollow Phases 1, 2, and 3

A second crane has popped up at the site. Anyone have a photo?


Double crane is up!!


It looks like the 2nd tower crane is taller, glad to see the 1st crane wasn’t the full height.

So excited for this project and the revitalization it will bring to the area.


Maybe Publix will back out and we can get the Ikea downtown. :wink:

It’s a good bit taller than the first. And the working arm is long! Amazing to watch how hard these folks work!

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I am looking forward to seeing what the second phase of Smokey Hollow (between Johnson St and West at North) will look like. Add in the newly announced redevelopment of the buildings east of the Metropolitan and 401H, we could get a lot of density in this part of town over the next few years.


Sounds great for Chamber of Commerce types, less so for people who live in the area who don’t want have to keep having to stuff themselves into the already overstuffed Harris Teeter in Cameron Village.

Cool. Get that thing built!

Joe, the Public will make Teeter less crowded.

The “Public” are what’s making it crowded.
Sorry…I can’t help it. :wink:


It’s probably still accurate even with the typo! :smile:

I’m such an idiot…honestly I don’t know if it was autocorrect or I straight up mistyped it. Anyway, I’m leaving it! The public will be spread between Teeter and Publix for sure.


Does anybody know what the deal is with those dilapidated buildings facing Peace Street (Rollins Economy Cleaners, etc.) that they’re basically having to build around? What’s the plan for those buildings? Did somebody deem them historic and decide they need to stay up or something?

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As I understand it the Dry Cleaner – during its pre-EPA days – wasn’t too careful with its chemicals and it’s a bit “hot” around there.

After making sure the plume wasn’t impacting the adjacent, buried stream I suspect they’re waiting to just pave it over – but who knows.

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This was my understanding as well.

One rule in RE investing is to stay the hell away from dry cleaners… Hope they get green light for phase two in foreseeable future, though.

Once Built the view of North Hills is amazing, once John Kane builds his 30 story tower in Midtown, the view will be even better.

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