Smoky Hollow Phases 1, 2, and 3

The Rollins building is pretty neat inside. I’d guess 1930’s construction. It has a skylight the full length of the building, several original wooden doors and this funny row of unisex bathroom stall rooms almost like a locker room. It would make a phenomenal beer hall or something to that effect. I’d vote to reuse that, but take out the Watkins and upholstery space and build your modern stuff behind it and between it and the new bridge.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for the insight. I look over this whole site and those buildings remaining have been the subject of a lot of conversation. They did a great deal of some type of soil work on the west side of Rollins before they started backfilling with gravel, etc. It only glowed at night for a few days :slight_smile:

Great drone shot!


Really nice to see some street grid structure being returned to the landscape.


New post up on the blog. I took a walk around Smokey Hollow. Here is an excerpt.

Along West Street heading north to Peace, we can start to see the buildings of Peace at West starting to come up. What was once an area of suburban-style, one-story buildings will now have 12-story towers along new urban sidewalk. The change will be quite dramatic and there’s plenty of space for more.


thanks for the walk-through. Do you know what the sidewalks and bike facilities will look like?

No idea at this point. I’ll keep an eye out.

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Smokey Hollow is really coming out of the ground!


Love looking at these great shots of the construction progress from the West building. Keep them coming.


I will post more pics as things progress. I noticed today a web cam on top of SpectaForce pointing toward the Kane development. However, I can’t find a link to it. Challenge on fellow DT’ers! :movie_camera:


Impressive! Thanks. I’m no longer needed!

Sure you are…
as long as you can find the one that covers the FNB building…Lol :wink:

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Thank you so much for the link…

I especially enjoy the time lapse…:grinning:

different viewpoints are always appreciated!

Check out the time lapse view on the camera app! Very cool.

I work on North St. between West and Glenwood, and sometimes I’ll duck out of the office to take a look at how things are progressing. (I’d say they’re progressing quite nicely, actually.)

I hope that once this is completed, it will help spur some more improvements in the surrounding area. This area has developed very unevenly, so you’ve got a mix of brand-new, towering apartment buildings and such, interspersed with vacant buildings and empty lots. Hopefully the added density will help fill in some of those gaps.


Updated picture. Doesn’t look like a lot of change, but there has been. Major infrastructure installed under what will be the street connecting Johnson and Peace and a lot of concrete pumped into the Kane project.


For all the bluster about North Hills, it sure looks unremarkable from this vantage point.

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