Smoky Hollow Phases 1, 2, and 3

@john I’m not sure what you would expect to be remarkable at this point in construction. The last rendering I saw looked pretty sharp (link below). A heck of a lot better than the run down area Smokey Hollow had become.

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I think he meant that North Hills itself looks unremarkable from this vantage point.

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Ah, you are right. I stand corrected.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. Plus, I am not threatened at all by N. Hills. While it’s definitely an improvement over what was there, and creates density and tax base within the city itself, it’s still a bunch of buildings with an almost 100% vehicular context. There’s very little that’s pedestrian oriented from outside of it. First you have to drive there, then you can walk within it (at least within one side or the other). When Smokey Hollow is complete, it’s going to expand a growing walkable neighborhood in Glenwood South, and it’s going to activate more walking as residents from 510 Glenwood, The Paramount, St. Mary’s Place, Devon (both of them), Gramercy, West, Quorum, 222 Glenwood, The Cotton Mill, and others will have a walkable grocer.


Completely agree.
I have lost all interest in North Hills, other than Cowfish, go downtown for dinner (so I pass north hills on the way).
Actually, the East side was planned poorly, who puts a restaurant in the middle of a road, that Mexican restaurant is an eyesore.
Went downtown with some friends Thursday and Saturday night, both nights were so much fun (dinner and a few cocktails), great atmosphere everywhere.

Those are going to be some pretty nice views when the park is finished across the street, even with the highway in view.

And I actually like the bridge. It is coming along nicely and I am glad that the city spent the extra for the aesthetics…:grin:


And that’s only half the bridge. From what I understand, they will open the new bridge around the end of the year while they demolish the existing bridge and build the 2nd half.

Yes. The existing bridge has to come down, and then the second half of the bridge will be built in its place to handle the northbound traffic. That’s when traffic headaches will really start, as the number of lanes crossing the bridge will have to be reduced.

Agreed about headaches, but some are worth having, this bride obviously and the Hillsborough roundabouts imho

The residents of The West got this today…I guess things are going to kick into HIGHER gear soon! Pics will be coming…

The construction company building the Peace development behind us told us they will be starting some major concrete pours by early September. The pours will happen every 3 days though January. Pours will start at 1am and go until approximately 6am. Each pour will involve about 40 concrete trucks. They are going to do their best to keep the trucks from going past our building by having them go directly to the construction site from Peace St.


Updated pics from 8/23![IMG_20180823_114259338|666x500](upload://ofpDzIYP9K5m0s




Thanks for the pics, this building has a huge footprint.

Updated view from above. Another big concrete pour today and they are putting a lot of work into the new Johnson Street / Peace Street exit.


I am not sure how you got this awesome shot/picture however, my sinserest thanks!

Truly a great view! …except for NH’s…just kidding…Lol :wink::wink:

@DowntownRaleighGuy , it’s easy. Right off my balcony. Reach out if you ever want an update. The next picture will have NH cropped out!


Not trying to “over post” the same thing over and over, but this week’s picture reflects a milestone. We have a new road! The Johnson Street / Peace Street “connector” has its first layer of asphalt. There is a lot of infrastructure under that blacktop! Sorry the cranes got cropped out, but…

If you zoom in you will see stoplights in place as well. I assume it won’t be too long before this new pavement is used as part of the Peace Street exit detour. Yet the Cleaners and the other old shops are still standing. :thinking:

Maybe this topic should be renamed to include the bridge project?


Cool. Now we know just how big that parcel is between Harrington and Capital. I’d love to see a good sized garage go on the space with a multi-sceen cinema above it and restaurants/bars above that, and a rooftop event space on the very top. The views from there of the skyline would be terrific!
I want the garage so that visitors to Glenwood South from north Raleigh can immediately park their cars after exiting Capital, and then access Glenwood South by foot.


Nice hi-res shot! Love the new street.

It’s just starting to look like a tower with about 4 exposed levels. This thing’s going to be so massive once it gets close to topping out. Should be bigger at the top than FNB and Dillon.