Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


Yeah. I am thrilled about phase 2 being named Smokey Hollow. I am not thrilled about the stick built construction of apartment block. Expect it to be very similar to the residences at Dillon: concrete construction on the first floor or two, topped by 5 floors of stick built.


Thank you all for sharing! Tie all that in with the Devereux Meadow park and Peace Street will be a pretty attractive place to live.


This thickens up this area nicely. Not going taller here just increases the odds that 400H or 301 will be taller…or happen at all even. Seems like a well timed answer to the TBJ asserting that DTR development was stalling out.


Yeah pretty generic but what can you do. Kane is a business man.


The best we could get out of them is that the park is probably five years out. :frowning:


Nothing to block your view! :smirk:


Compared to what is currently there, this is a huge game changer. I can so easily see west Street being the next main Street of Raleigh. With new retail popping up north of peace and infill (including 400h) eventually connecting Kane’s multiple north and south projects… wow. It certainly has Kane’s attention and therefore, the momentum


The north side of the West Condos really lucked out. Their garage will essentially back up to their neighbor’s garage that’s wrapped by apartments that only go 5-6 floors high…not that the roof of that building is going to be anything to write home about. If Kane’s vision comes to fruition as they intend, the biggest win is having this urban plaza experience essentially connected to their property.


There should be a hotel here, don’t know what they are thinking


The Kane guy hinted Phase III could be a hotel. I really don’t think they know yet. I didn’t realize Kane / Williams owned the land directly beside the new bridge (where the former Rollins Cleaners bldg is).

William Peace and Seaboard Station

Agreed! Would love to see a high end hotel and more office space!


He hinted the possibility of something like that maybe if the city would allow it… so who knows if and when


Glenwood South is missing the day time foot traffic. We need more office space to generate the food traffic to allow for more restaurants and less cornerstones!!


Retail and offices will bring daytime foot traffic.


The developer said last night that, although there aren’t any plans yet for this property, it’s the parcel that they’d think it more appropriate for some height.


Several more points from last night.
1.) Kane is aware that residents bring dogs that need to poop. Though the representative made comments about providing space for that to happen, he didn’t reference any specifics. Frankly, I don’t know where that would be found in their current plans.
2.) There will not be any traffic signals at either Johnson & Harrington, or Johnson & West. There will be a new signal at Johnson and Glenwood (possibly when Johnson is connected through to Capital. Johnson St will extend as the conclusion of the Peace project in another 18 months or more. Until then, traffic patterns are going to be less than ideal.
3.) The greenway and bike path extending north toward Wake Forest Road are going to be permanently addressed as part of future project that will include the bridge replacements at the Fairview exit. That bridge is as old as the ones being replaced now, but it carries much less traffic, so it’s not as dire of a situation. This is probably a 10+ year situation.
4.) The city is studying lots of options for what to do with the West. St. corridor. Among the options is a cycle track & a bus corridor. The city is studying the option of bus infrastructure to the west of West St. on the sliver of land between West and the railroad tracks.
5. Some sort of public art and/or neighborhood branding is being studied to occur on the underside of the rail bridge at Johnson Street (or was it Tucker?)…maybe both or more?
6. Ken Bowers gave a very political answer to a question about the priority of pedestrians, cyclists, and street parking in the neighborhood. Essentially, he said that the city didn’t have a mission about those priorities one way or another and that sometimes cars win and sometimes bicycles win. He did talk about the 14 foot sidewalks for pedestrians.
7. Money from the overlay tax district that includes Glenwood South is being diverted to Fayetteville Street. Money that was previously spent for more cleaning of Glenwood South up until 2015 is now directed to cleaning Fayetteville St. more often. It was apparently a political decision that was responding to the complaints about Fayetteville Street a few years ago.


The Gateway they have planned from Glenwood to West St is going to be great! That has definitely been needed for a long time now. If done correctly… the rail bridge could look really awesome! I hope they incorporate some sort of LED lighting like they have in other large cities.


Likewise, I am encouraged that Kane is putting a lot of thought into how the Smokey Hollow project is viewed from the corner of Glenwood and Tucker. They want to make that “gateway” into the project special and inviting so that people go there.
On a side note, I really wish that this project had included a multi-level, multi-screen, urban cinema. Maybe phase 3?


I don’t see any problem with this developing primarily as a residential (with complimentary retail) area. Some of you guys complain about lack of height, well by focusing the office space use in a smaller area (Fayetteville and now stretching west to the warehouse area) you’re more likely to see that coveted height. The coolest parts of every city I visit are the dense, primarily residential parts. Hanging out at the hotel bar is not how you get to know a city and conversely, ensuring there is a hotel bar in every corner of downtown isn’t really that important.


Leo had a nice post about it ^