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I have no idea what I’m going to do with a fully restored sidewalk. I might have to re-learn how to walk.


Street trees and pavers going in today. Wish the overhead power lines could disappear more than anything, but the trees grow up and help hide them at least.


Yeah, the overhead lines are a real eyesore. I’d really to see them go underground.


I was so disappointed that they completely dropped the Peace Street streetscape plan. Especially after I specifically voted for the bond referendum that included that project. I wonder if they could get it started again?


From my experience, if bond money is approved for a thing, that’s good. However, when they actually pull the trigger on it is another thing. For example, money to improve New Bern Ave was voted on through a bond, I think, 2013. However, they never spent it because years later, they started planning for the New Bern BRT. Now, the bond money is going toward some aspects of the New Bern corridor construction.

It’s like we almost have to convince them to actually go ahead with the project, even with money funded for it. If I recall, I believe the Peace Street project was put on hold because construction related to the Capital blvd bridge and Smoky Hollow was “too much” for people to endure, the headaches of choked streets. :roll_eyes:


There’s currently a thread on Reddit about the horrible traffic caused by the one square block of work that is being done in front of and around Seaboard. It’s unbearable. /S

I bought my condo at Paramount largely based on that streetscape plan that never materialized. I totally get the frustration. Following that “commitment” by the city, and frankly a slap in the face, the very first thing that changed on that stretch of Peace was a new suburban model McDonald’s. :confounded:

Which is exactly why I have started voting “NO” on all these bonds and property tax increases. I’ve become more aware that it isn’t the lack of funding in most cases, it’s the lack of oversite, auditing, and overall mismanagement of the funds that is the bigger problem.


I also continue to be disappointed about this, and I also voted for it. Smoky Hollow and the Capital Blvd bridge stuff has been done for a couple years. Shouldn’t this have been planned out and ready to get shovels in the ground as soon as they completed?

It’s okay though, I’m sure the next reason will be that, oh surprise, everything costs more now.

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…not so fast. IMO it was never “finished” - as the lights that are supposed to shine behind the cool metal art on the North-facing side of the Wade Ave exit/bridge have never worked. Seriously, every time I come home from the North… there’s a strip along that Wade Ave bridge that’s just completely dark, and it looks like half-assed sh!t. I, too, wonder why tf we keep voting for these bonds when nothing comes of them or when something does come, it’s half-assed. In one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Someone help me make sense of this.

It’s my experience that when projects are closing out, stakeholders and team members lose interest. I’m not saying it’s right…I’m just saying that I’ve seen it happen a number of times.

You understand the City couldn’t legally shut down the McDonalds, right? Nor could they legally force a “suburban style” operating business to build a high rise on that site?

You know that I know that the city can’t shut down that McDonald’s, right?
I am not on the hunt to shut them down and I never was.
That McDonald’s did not have to be their standard suburban model, but the city chose to allow it to be built after adopting the Peace Street Streetscape plan that said otherwise. I suppose it’s a bridge too far to expect the city to follow its own adopted plans instead of folding in deference to a fast food operator who just wanted a giant drive-thru operation encircling the entire property like it’s sitting off an exit of I-40. It’s the site plan that completely goes against the intention of the streetscape plan. Subsequent projects like St. Mary’s Square, Revisn Hotel, 615Peace, the two Devon apartments, etc. have all conformed to the intention of the Streetscape plan, but not that McDonald’s.

FWIW, there are plenty of McDonald’s models that could have conformed to the streetscape plan. Heck, even the Chik-fil-A in The Village District is more urban in the way it addresses their corner.

At the end of the day, that McDonald’s will eventually be sold off because the property alone will be worth more than the fast food operation…and we all know that McDonald’s business model is really all about the real estate.


I did notice more progress has been done at 615 Peace. However, I will believe it when I see the moving trucks. I also was shocked to see the Noble Place TH rising up out of the ground right down the street. Who’s taking bets? Will it rival 615 on the completion date?


100% it will beat 615 to occupancy.


Update on 615 Peace, they are anticipating closings in May. Right now it’s the final steps before they start the inspection process which I was told can take a couple months. We’ll see if that timeline holds…


Cool, so maybe people will start moving in by Summer

2025! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve bought pre-construction condos 3 times and each time the initial closing dates got delayed.


I believe it when I see it.

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I work for a development company. My rule is if construction says they will turn over the building July, they really mean Oct!