Peace Street Condos ⏳

The sidewalk fairy has left a surprise!


Looks like they also planted the smallest tree possible


Well, they can’t have big trees with all those power lines and crap on the sidewalk. Geeze…where’s the Peace Street Streetscape plan that the city adopted all those years ago? This looks like :poop:


Have you thought about signing up to speak at a city council meeting? Sure, it’s not really relevant to Raleigh like international politics and abortion laws, but I’m sure they’d still listen politely.


I agree 100%, I don’t expect them ready in May either…when I first went under contract back in September of 2020 they said their initial timeline was April 2022. @Jake is right, maybe I’ll be moved in by July 2025 :rofl:


Wow. Almost 4 years on and you still haven’t closed? The longest I ever waited for a presale condo was a little more than 2 years.

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Yeah, I was the 3rd contract they signed. We’ll see if they are ready in May. At this point my hope is they take longer to finish up so I can get a better rate.


I’m curious. Which unit did you buy? Do you face north, south, or west?
I think that the south facing units (toward my building) aren’t that bad at all. Plus, they’ll be quieter.

I bought a top floor unit facing south towards the Paramount building. Also, I just received another update regarding all the needed inspections. The next big one is on Wednesday April 3rd for the elevator. I was told if that passes they will feel more comfortable scheduling blue tape walk throughs & closings. Is there light at the end of the condo??


Nice. So, you got one of the units with the mezzanine and larger outdoor space. Those are definitely the nicest units. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Is their a future meeting up planned to celebrate @OtherJustin finally moving in? Maybe before you get your furniture in so nothing gets wrecked with this rowdy crowd.


Haha I’d love to host a group meet up from the roof. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that will get to happen. My circumstances have changed dramatically since 2020 when I first put my deposit down & I’ll be most likely selling as soon as I close but maybe the future owner of the unit is on this forum & will offer to host :thinking:


Those government inspections tend to go slow. They always make promises based on best case scenario and then those pesky inspections hold everything up. Hope that’s not the case here. But…it does happen routinely. :grumpy_cat:

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Windows at the townhomes down the street, Neck and neck to see what gets finished first. Can 615 Peace pull it out???


Hell, NC State might end a 41 NCAA championship drought before 615 Peace occupies. :wink: :tuffy:


Appliance delivery this morning. Could this be a sign things are getting closer??!!!


Somewhat, the elevator did not pass inspection last week so the appliances can’t be moved into the units until that’s resolved. Current timeline for closings is estimated at 6 weeks from now. My own hunch is sometime in June/July.


@OtherJustin If you ever get into the building, see if you can find out why the mailboxes are not numbered sequentially in the lobby

Imagine if the Egyptians waited for the elevators to pass inspection before they started to build the pyramids.

Just an idea…


Is this from the IG account: Lookatthatrussian ?