Pendo's expansion in DTR

More optimism towards our Business climate.

Oddly enough they don’t mention our legislature scaring everyone off.


Forbes wouldn’t…


Forbes is a financially conservative publication and isn’t likely to get deeply engaged in social issues that are often considerations for corporate relocations. They typically represent more of the CFO perspective.
That said, it’s encouraging to see that they still put Raleigh on the Apple campus roadmap.
Finally, it’s clear that they don’t understand that Garner is a suburb of Raleigh. The way they mention to distribution center for Amazon, one might think that it’s nowhere near Raleigh. Here’s another example where Charlotte’s gigantic physical size plays to its advantage. The narrative goes like this: Charlotte gets a Amazon Distribution Center while Raleigh doesn’t. While I don’t know where Charlotte’s center is going, it’s not hard to imagine that Garner’s could be closer to the core of Raleigh than Charlotte’s might be to its core.


For reference, the distribution centre in Garner is about 5.3 linear miles from Downtown, while Charlotte’s will be about 6.6 miles from Uptown:


Nooo, politics, can’t handle it!!!
Or does that only apply when it’s from the other side?


Well, there you go; the Garner distribution center is closer to Raleigh’s core.


To be fair, tax policy and “business friendliness” is also political. Everything is political at some level or another.

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Something seams to be working.


Pendo is the new Red Hat as far as excitement for DTR…inho!

Now, when are they being bought out and moved…? :sweat_smile:

It’s sign of a healthy and creative market when homegrown companies get acquired. That sort of track record encourages other start-ups to choose Raleigh for their location. #glasshalffull


Please know that am generally in agreement with your statement. However, a city actually has to have a bit more on the positive side then the negative (pun intended) in order to have a gain. And that is my main beef with Raleigh in general. We have great people, ideas, companies and we sale them, make a profit (nothing wrong with that) and then they each get dismembered…Ouch!

I sure hope these new jobs are in DTR…fingers crossed! :grinning:

Start ups live to be acquired, and then their leaders start another company after bankrolling from their previous success. These can be building blocks. If we can get ir revving, it’s a good cycle to be in.


This is exactly what I want to see happen. Like 10 of these in downtown Raleigh over the next 5 years please. Better to grow and export companies out of downtown Raleigh than bend over backwards hoping that a big one lands here, IMO.


Interesting paragraph taken from the TBJ article regarding the same news.
-“The incentives, approved by the state Monday, will help provide the company with a corporate headquarters and room for more growth, according to a summary provided by the Economic Investment Committee. The facility would serve as the company’s primary engineering hub for software engineers and product managers, as well as customer service and back-of-house operations, such as finance and human resources.”

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Yah, Pendo is going to get big fast, but I would not be surprised if they were bought in the next 5 years as well.

I’m excited that they said they plan to build their own tower. Gives me confidence that one of these stalled projects will get going. 400H, 301 or Edison are all good choices imho. I’m not 100% sure how many sq feet 700+ workers (including their current DTR employees) would need.


@ Drew
The didn’t but PayPal, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Amazon, Apple, and the ACC tournament all did…

Says 100k sqft on TBJ.

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Where are you reading this exactly? Ah! The N&O…Thank you!