Pendo's expansion in DTR


Well, they may be building a tower it fulfills a requirement tied to their incentives? If so, it’s a pretty cool way for the city to get private business to fill out its downtown.


Here is a short but good read:

Let me know if the link doesn’t work correctly…:blush:


Sweet! Looks like they’re already in talks with one of the developers to lease space in one of the stalled projects.


It’s beginning to look as if 2019 will be the year of the stalled towers being brought back to life . . . 301H, 400H, and Edison all seem to have promising futures.


There might even be enough demand for another residential tower in downtown in the near future.


Pleased to hear about this expansion, if we’re going to be giving incentives and handouts then this is how it should happen, to local businesses and not to the richest man in the world.


I would be happy to see more Devon/Skyhouse/Peace, non-stick big box apartments. Like say the Clearscapes project…


Just a quick reminder from the CEO of Pendo:

“We expect to make a decision in the first quarter of next year (2019) and to move by 2022.”

From announcement to opening, any bets on when this project starts if completion must be by 2022?


I would say, if looking at a 20 story tower, we are looking at ground breaking in 2020 to make sure upfits and move in is completed by 2022. So land will be purchased in 2019.


Let’s hope it’s 20 floors plus 6 floors of parking but it will blend in with the PNC tower and the Skyhouse so DTR’s GAP TOOTH skyline won’t be changed much in the near future with this project.


So maybe all of 2019 in order to obtain all the necessary city permits as well as architectural requirements of a new building? I say new, as my hope is that either the 400H, the Edison, or even the 300 buildings would have to be redone to meet the required office space demand?