Pizza in downtown Raleigh

Not sure how this would work out… but if we are Hellbent on keeping DTR establishments “NC Based” what about a Char Grill (I know there is one on Hillsborourgh, but let’s face it… its days are numbered), Cook Out… but as a walkup (have you seen the lines at these places), or heck even a Bojangles. These places can move some volume, are kid friendly, and easy on the budget. HAHA [sorry couldn’t resist this post :)]

But on a serious note… I get the feeling that dining in DTR tends to be a bit “elitist”. For us non “Foodies” or Connoisseurs, just give us some more decently priced options.

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I suspect that the sort of budget options we are likely to see first are already in the Raleigh market. We will likely eventually see FiveGuys, Moe’s, Chopt, Panera, etc. in the core as part of larger mixed use projects where these types of fast eateries typically pop up. I’d really LOVE to see Guasaca and Mami Nora for local fast/cheaper fare.


That’s a tall order. But if you want local owned, late night and affordable (can’t speak to “local-sourced”, as that’s an overstated virtue anyway), there are options. Mojoes, The Cardinal, Char-Grill (already mentioned), and State of Beer all come to mind. Snoopy’s has saved my life a few times.

What you’re really asking for are food trucks, the allowance of which is something that really needs to happen yesterday.

Does anyone remember Brass Grill? You could get a grilled tuna sandwich for $8 with a side.That got forced out by the Times expansion. American Pita Grill and the Thai place after it, both had cheaper, very delicious stuff. The best food for the money at lunch now is probably Linus & Peppers. But really, lunch prices are pretty stable and all hover around 8-10 bucks before drinks.
Dinner is the absurd situation. Gringo is probably the best food for your money at dinner.
RE AC restaurants, I think AC is a fine chef, and FWIW I am 100% behind her politics if say that has anything to do with the hero status. A dozen Indy articles probably doesn’t hurt either. But I feel like I am paying 9/10 prices for 7/10 food quality. Gringo is like 6/10 price for 8/10 quality. To me. I also think empire eats across the board is about 7/10 price and 6.5/10 quality, making it a close you-get-what-you-pay-for situation.
Anyway, given that I already only go to an AC place about once a year (out of about 50 dinners and 100 lunches downtown a year), I can’t see myself even going to sample the new Pizza place. Moonlight and Lily’s are so good, and Pizza Box so close to my house, there’s not much reason to bother with anything else.
Overall, @TheNightHawk has made some excellent points that get lost or ignored by the foodie hype train.

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I loved the Brass Grill! That is what we need more of with expanded hours. Just need the downtown to support that kind of place. (if we don’t have it)

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Agree here generally, though it’s impossible for me to go to Gringo (since it’s far enough I have to drive) when I can go to Tacqueria del Toro instead, which is both better and cheaper.

Linus and Peppers is pretty great (that Ban Mihn is badassery) — so much better than Virgils. I wish they would switch hours.

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Need more DTR residents. Which means we need more residential density.


Am I the only one that thinks there is already a wide variety of restaurants downtown? And there are probably 50 different restauranteurs DT if you count some that are just outside the official DT border. I agree we need more counter service joints with extended hours, but as mentioned that comes with residential density, and it’s finally on the way with new places pizza times, cardinal bar, etc.

As a foodie, I personally think Raleigh has the best restraurant scene around. I ate at ajisai in Cameron village last night with my foodie wife and it was DIVINE. $5 craft cocktail specials every Tuesday and half price wine bottles Wednesdays (tonight).

I will be sad when 5 star closes…$13 entrees that are delicious and huge. Casual spots: Raleigh times, Parkside, the station, Woody’s, the pit (and free hush puppies), bad daddy’s, etc. etc.


Wait…5 Star is Closing!?

Well, it’s sitting in a warehouse that will be demolished to make way for the new bus station eventually… nothing soon.

Oh ok…they haven’t indicated a complete clearing of the block as far as I can tell so I’m holding out hope.

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Armadillo is the right spot at the right place🌮

Sorry meant to say prices

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DeMo’s at 222 Glenwood makes a good pie (and sells by the slice). The Point at 5 Points has excellent wood fired pies.


Piece Pizza has huge pies. Probably about 20"

And it is Chicago too. I would say a that closed to $17 here.

Poolside pies showing progress

Tonight the James Beard awards are presented, fingers crossed AC wins best chef in the country.


First, what about 5 Star going into the Train Station restaurant space? Seems like that would make sense.

Also, while this isn’t a pizza comment, it’s a hot thread right now and wanted to get this out. We visited Lola’s in 5 points this past weekend twice for our Cinco de Mayo celebrations and I was pleasantly surprised. Very cool/fun atmosphere and definitely going back soon. Give it a try!

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That would be great if AC wins. It would raise her already high profile and give the city a little bump as well. Fingers crossed!


She won! Very impressive!