Raleigh and Pop Culture

Not on subject at all. Tubi TV is free on both TV & computer. There is a movie, "A Long Way Off’ that is filmed in our downtown. 3/4 of the 1&3/4 hour movie is downtown. It is a good movie. A farmer’s son leaves his dad’s farm to live in the big city. Google, Tubi TV & type in “A Long Way Off”.


Seems this previous post is relevant to this thread so I’ll link it.

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I remember freaking out in the theater at the shot of them driving and you see the sunrise/sunset (?) behind PNC Tower in full view.


They were also at Finch’s diner at the future location of SH phase 3, and at the capitol building.


This is not a Raleigh movie on Tubi but I did want to share this with everyone. This is a True Story. “The Story Of Daniel Huffman, Gift Of Love”. This is about Georgia High School Football. I have liked former Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden for a long time , but I really like him even more after watching this movie. If you watch this movie, make sure you read the caption on the screen after the movie about Daniel’s life after high school.

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Bringing up Wendell , a movie producer that lives there did a movie in downtown Raleigh in 2014. The movie , “ A Long Way Off” is on Tubi & I think YouTube. It is a good movie. Has 1 1/2 hours filmed in our downtown. Starts out in eastern NC on a family farm & driving into Raleigh on S. Sanders St. Tubi TV is free thru Wi-Fi.


Not exactly a movie, but the money shot of DTR is shown in the beginning of this documentary series called “Web of Make Believe” episode 4, “Sextortion”. I’m 3 minutes in so not sure how the title relates to Raleigh…

Edit: Belmont, NH is largely the focus of the documentary

And another shot of downtown


Does Belmont, NH identify as Raleigh?

I’m just wondering, how many shows/movies have been filmed in Raleigh (not on a one-off situation for shows).

Currently, I’m aware of “Love It Or List It” and the new TLC reality tv series “Bad Hair Day”


one of the soap operas used the governor morehead school for an episode and made the old dorms appear to be fraternities on a fictional college campus - there are more.

“A Long Way Off” was filmed in 2014. This is a good movie and this is on Tubi TV. Tubi is free if you have Wi-Fi and a Smart TV. Over a hour of the movie is in downtown Raleigh. :heart_eyes:


I remember seeing Bad Grandpa (the Jackass spinoff) filming in DTR about a decade ago. Never saw the final product.


In addition, would be fun to start posting whenever we hear Raleigh mentioned in shows/movies. I watched the latest few episodes of “The Patient” (great FX show on Hulu) and the main antagonist is (hilariously) a Kenny Chesney fan, and Steve Carrell (protagonist) asks him about it and the antagonist mentioned that he saw Kenny twice recently, once in Raleigh (I forget the other city he mentioned). Didn’t mention “NC” either :sunglasses:

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Watched the trailer and googled it. It’s a Christian film and I find it sort of funny that downtown Raleigh is chosen as the den of iniquity.


This is from a while back but just noticed this thread and thought it was worth adding…

A movie was filmed downtown around the capitol a while back in 2021. Its set in Tennessee, and for a few hours they had the Tennessee flag flying over the capitol, which was a funny sight. Theres a picture of that and more info on the movie in this article:

Looks like the name was changed to Gigi and Nate, and its out now. Reviews arent great.

The Director lives in Wendell ! I guess that I have got to get my spaces in so I will say again that I really liked the movie!:heart_eyes:


Raleigh was the big bad city for Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show. Andy got embroiled with a Raleigh lady accidentally and had to lie to Helen about it.


Well today’s TN was part of NC way back before there was an TN.


“Parks and Rec” was SPOT ON when it came to the general public’s input on government process. It was BARELY satire.


I need to watch that show. I love Nick Offerman.

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