Raleigh City Farm block rezoning request

This just hit the wire about an hour ago. Seems that corner where Raleigh City Farm sits is looking to be rezoned for more uses, no height increase from 3. It doesn’t look like there’s any particular proposed development but perhaps opening up the restrictions to sell the property for a buyer that has a particular development in mind? Maybe somebody else will pick up on something I missed scanning the doc.


Sounds like maybe some kinda change in use to allow outdoor seating for a restaurant? But definitely says no new buildings are proposed?

Seems odd they’d include so many plots (7) in the request.

I was puzzling over this too. They mentioned walkability. Can’t get much more walkable than a farm to table restaurant on a farm in downtown!

I’ve not been in that area for a LONG time, but what happen to the older houses that use to be there?

Is that where Standard Beer is?

City Farm (where this rezoning request is) is to the left of Standard Beer if you’re facing Standard Beer.

And there are older houses behind this still. One has a nice dog that comes over to the fence to say hi sometimes to the customers outside in the back of Standard Beer.


The farm is located on land once used for subsidized housing. IIRC, the multi-family buildings were torn down in the 1990’s - maybe when Halifax Court was taken down.


They were torn down around 2008-9. This aerial from 2008 is the last time they appear on iMaps:


For reference, these are the plots included in this rezoning request.


Has anyone heard anything new about this one?

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