Raleigh Convention Center - Expansion and Larger Events

It’s almost to the point of being so insufferable, that I wish they would ask for public sentiment on each decision they make. Hold a vote on wether or not the public wants to spend tax payer funds on X or Y. Now granted that’s why we voted them into office in the first place was their stance or position on certain topics, but how many times have politicians said one thing and done another.

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Very true, we need more political willpower. Being strong-armed by the Duke Planation (as they call it over there) is embarrassing. I’m still furiously mad about that as you are.

On that note, isn’t that running government like a business? Competition got in the way.


This is that black hate group calling themselves Israelites that harasses people at Moore Square. Spreading their bullshit to the city-owned Convention Center for Passover. I feel like this is the kind of thing people should be up in arms about at city council meetings instead of shadows and tall buildings downtown.


“They call us a hate group because we turn around and say the white man is the devil for the things that he’s done. The word devil just means adversary,”

“You cannot be free without your oppressor being destroyed,” Yahanna said in an Instagram video taken from downtown Raleigh.

As if all people of the same skin tone are of one collective hivemind. Lovely.

I disagree, at least at the city level. The fed and fed reserve is a…well who knows.
Municipal corporations (cities) must be run at a profit or else the corporation fails. Cities are not businesses in the sense that they can’t fail, thus they need to be run efficiently and at a profit. What does profitability look like for a city? Having equity after assessing assets and long term liabilities


Then there can be some legal aspects if they’re not granted a venue.

You know it’s systemic. Not all members of the dominant society have that hivemind. But it’s still a majority. Oppression brings this type of behavior.

Recommendations presented to the City of Raleigh today:





Maybe they can build stacked rafter seating on the east side to the new amp to increase seating capacity. The new amp doesn’t look very big.


2.5 million for the first Red Hat Amphitheater had to be one of the best investments OAT.

Not sure what 32 million gets us but think we can greatly improve on version 1.

Very excited for this


Excited for the potential for bigger conventions and for another surface lot getting used.



I’m hoping they can find some way to keep the shimmer wall visible from the distance and maybe even from the theater.


Wait, this is all going in my back yard??? Where are my Fairweather neighbors at?? We need to fight this?? How can they build so much stuff so close to where we live???

Ugh, if people could only hear themselves. Seriously, this is super exciting and while I’m not anxious for the construction, I do hope they build the new amphitheater in tandem with operating the current one so there’s not a year or 2 gap between entertainment. But at the end, having all of that in such close proximity I feel is a big win for those of us that have invested in downtown Raleigh.


I am super stoked for both the new Red Hat and for the convention center expansion. A big win for DTR.


Thanks, looks nice but as stated before I hate the idea of closing Lenoir to make a superblock. Just move it one block further south into the No Mans Land between Dawson and McDowell on the other side of the RR tracks. Build a skybridge if you really need to connect it to the CC like that.


Are we 100% sure that’s the plan here?

The more I think about it, they should just move the Site 2/3 convention hotel project 2 blocks to the west and combine it with this project. Convention center hotel next to the convention center - makes sense right? Keep the street grid, open up under the railroad, and shift the amphitheater area south.


I’m also worried about how they’re going to do the new RHA. The renderings look pretty, but the footprint of the site is definitely smaller. If anything, it needs even more seating.


Agreed. Drove past it this weekend and that stood out. They definitely need to add some some sloping elevation like a true amphitheater - that’s one of the biggest problems with current RHA