Raleigh Convention Center - Expansion and Larger Events

You know I been observing and debating in my head should I email the mayor about this idea, but what if Raleigh were to do should I was talking to District 3 Candidate to replace a Wake County Commissioner her name Audria Killingsworth (Who personally I’m starting to like and vote for) about Raleigh hosting one, with the PNC Arena near Downtown or the Convention Center kinda hard to see it at Downtown South by 2024 even though I’ll be finished then. What if Raleigh did with the recent hotel sprang and Fixable Stadiums and a lackluster but improvable transit plan and more than enough hotel rooms and and more coming soon what if Raleigh were to do something like that. I’m not pushing any agenda I’m just sharing just a thought trying to start a conversation


Not near enough hotel rooms. Or quality hotels near venues. If North Carolina is chosen for a convention which has a lot do to with the political situation at the time, (swing state etc.) Charlotte will be the choice for the foreseeable future.



Why would you only mention the Democratic Convention? It would actually be best for Raleigh to get either the Democratic or Republican Convention. I believe Charlotte has held the Democratic Convention recently and will be hold the Republican Convention later this summer.


Either party’s convention would be an option only after the new convention center hotel is open, and I don’t think 2024 is realistic. 2028 maybe? If it was hosted at PNC, there is NO hotel infrastructure in walking distance, so the city (perhaps with a contribution from the party, but perhaps not) would have to run special transportation direct from major hotels (presumably downtown but also maybe near RDU?) to PNC on a regular basis. I can’t think of a case when this has ever happened for a major party convention.

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From the current hotel tower RFI/RFP pre-bid presentation…


So the question for us is, what is the checklist of needs for a convention this size? Then, compare those needs versus what we have.

Then we can see the gaps.

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Think of all the Hotels needed. Not just convention delegates and their entourages. But all the reporters from just about every news outlet, including some international. As well as protesters and god knows who else shows up for these things.

Maybe this should go in a convention center topic, but I’m kinda curious about the $14 million planned for land purchase this year for the expansion. Was under the impression that the expansion was going toward land already owned (amphitheater), maybe it’s going another direction?? North to the enterprise lot instead of the Courtyard hotel? Maybe they have to buy the land now (7-8 years early) to prevent that project from starting?


We actually don’t have a dedicated thread for the RCC expansion so let’s use @GavinLivesRaleigh’s idea to kickstart following that as well as how we get larger events.

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Well remember most political parties have there convention in sports arenas, very few I think or never have them at Convention Centers, I think it would be cheaper for hotels in around PNC to be built instead. This is why Wake County should never did away with Light Rail. Plus not all city convention are Downtown Houston Astrodome in 92’ wasn’t downtown.

If I recall correctly, there has been a change of heart as far as using the amphitheater site for the expansion. I don’t know where else they could possibly go with it though. And, maybe I just heard wrong.

County staff has recommended postponing the convention center expansion by 2 years to 2030 bc of a shortfall in tax revenue.



Glass half full is more years of RedHat Amphitheater.


…while the glass-half-empty reading is that Hub RTP (Research Triangle Park’s upgrade that’s under construction to become more walkable) will be a serious regional competitor.

For those who aren't familiar...

Hub RTP’s master plan calls for one of its centerpieces to be a conference center for large-scale events. Maps that the RTP has been using to talk about its future developments seem to largely stick to this theme:

If this really happens, could the building labeled "Hotel & Conference" give the Raleigh Convention Center a run for its money?

…a place like that would be pretty damn tempting compared to the Raleigh Conv. Ctr…


I can’t argue with you there, competition is coming. Raleigh can be complacent, the sky is not falling. Revenue will return.

Oh yeah no, I’m not wringing my hands over this, really. We all know the commercial/entertainment will come back someday. I think people are more concerned about how long it’ll take -and which businesses will (not) make it until then, though I don’t think that’s the focus of @Street_Grid’s post.

Besides, I actually want Hub RTP to become competitive to RCC -if only to pressure Raleigh into actually making that a priority, for once.


It’s a first step in a positive direction.


Hope they have a safe and successful event. Hopefully we will be getting to a new normal soon.


Another interesting sports event happening at the Convention Center — roller skating!

Sounds like it’s this weekend only. Tickets are $13, or $10 if you bring your own skates. $3 for spectators. First responders get a $2 discount.

I like to see this kind of thing happening in Downtown. I think it’d be really neat if we could have more permanent recreation facilities, like a roller skating rink or a rock climbing wall in Downtown, so if this proves successful maybe we could be one step closer to seeing it.