Raleigh Developments That Could Have Been

Glad to see the FNB Tower rising upward, Now I’m just dreaming here so Don’t beat me up Guys, But…does anyone remember this doomed project that was to be Built near Crabtree Valley Mall ? I just wish that this was in DTR… It would be a perfect spot by the N&O site. soleil-center-rendering_400xx366-367-0-27


Yep. It, along with the ambitious (and stunning) Edison 4 tower block were sunk by the great recession.
Anyone remember “Coker Towers” that got killed by nimbys in Cameron Village? Now they are stuck with stick built apartments and a giant exposed parking deck that’s seen from Wade Avenue.
First Union also had a proposed tower for DT that was lost to the great recession.

I recall this interesting blog post from our most favorite writer … includes renderings of the Edison Towers that never came to be …



This still makes me sad. I moved down here for renderings like that. :cry:

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Edison was fake news exhibit A. Soleil technically broke ground but the developer stiffed the poor foundation contractor, which sort of makes it fake news situation too. To me, pooping out a rendering does not make it a project. Construction permits in hand, contracts signed. That’s a project. There were also Lichten Plaza (12 stories or so). North St Plaza (10 stories), the Raleigh Building (25 stories preceding 301 Hillsborough), Franklin St Plaza, the row house condos at Seaboard, the Seaboard apartments, the original Metropolitan condos on south Harrington St and other stuff that produced a rendering or in the case of Franklin St Plaza an actual site plan submittal, but never came to pass.