Raleigh Elections and Council Overall

Wan’t Peace Street on that list? Now it’s gone?

I think it’s really easy for folks to punch at complex public entities when their comparisons are often apples to oranges.


Where are the roads/road improvements built by the private sector that benefit the general public? I’d love to see them.


“One project a decade doesn’t cut it”. A lot to pick apart here, so I wont go into each one, but this tidbit made me chuckle. This is from 2023 which would put the math at 6 years, and not a decade. On top of this, Id give them a 6 month pass for covid (and thats being unfriendly).

The West St project extension being delayed I can understand with the Platform development on the otherside.

Also from the community input, budget, design, and permitting alone taking a few years I get it. This is more of a process problem than a staff problem. When you are spending hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars you have to get their input.

I understand that this process desperately needs accelerating but to flail arms, point fingers, and procure inflammation isn’t my preferred approach. Would love some action items versus staffing changes. Putting different pieces in a flawed system will yield the same results.

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If you want a fun comparison, check out how far Cary has gotten on their Chapel Hill Rd. Improvements. First study was initiated in 2020 with several rounds of charettes and consultant lead recommendations. 4 years later, have they even decided what the plan is?
Meanwhile, I see drivers squeeze between a bicyclist and someone in the turning lane at 45mph without batting an eye

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You mean David Cox took a break from golfing and shaking his fist at passing clouds. I agree that the process should move quicker but it’s deeply rich that the big rubber-stamp “no” vote wants to complain that nothing is getting done.

I also got the Nextdoor notice in which he said the Council’s number 1 priority should be restricting growth and should assign no further resources to transit. Great reminder to cancel Nextdoor.

So, got it, thanks David, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


Hmm. I believe Mr David Cox was on the city council for most of these years? Had he looked in the mirror to see why ‘nothing got done’ during these years?


Isn’t this always the formula for those who don’t want anything to happen? Just attack from both sides and stir the pot.


No he’s not. Private sector projects died all over town during the same period.


Boo!!! West Street Extension deferred. The Wild West District needs more love.


It was deferred because the Feds moved the goal posts (note the deferral year: 2017) on qualifying for necessary funding after the project had already qualified under the previous administration. The change made it so bond funds couldn’t be used for the project in conjunction with federal funds, and a significant amount of bond funding (as we know) had already been secured.

After the federal funding fell through, NC DOT moved it off their priority list because alternate funding wasn’t available, and other projects (due to natural disasters) took priority.


If it happens this decade, I’ll still be pretty happy.

Priority 1 is to keep the ability for pedestrian traffic to traverse the Depot.


He was on council for most of those years. Why is he pointing the finger at others.


He was aligned with three other council members that were NIMBY/Livable Raleigh people. Those other three all got voted out in 2019, he won his election, he didn’t have anyone left to align with, he got mad.


TL;DR - They’re considering moving to 4 year terms, staggering the terms so you only vote for half the council every two years, and growing to 11 members.


I’d be down with that, as it would create more stability. However, that means WHO we vote for becomes all the more important. Aka WE CANNOT allow the NIMBYs to serve any longer than their current term (we know who they are…)


i watched some of that meeting. apparently the state has maxed out seats at 12 for councils. if the growth is coming, if not as fast but faster than most other places, tome it seems the best thing to just go ahead and max out council at 12 seats, I guess 10 total districts and keep two at large. i think this maybe gives a ratio of roughly 45 k per district…perhaps a little more responsive and just let the ratio start to increase from there over the next few decades. i think keeping two year terms is a better idea though…if you are liked you get elected, if not it minimizes damage. i do agree with melton that a downtown district at this point makes sense.

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I appreciated the argument that more at large councils would better serve the region but it seems ‘locality’ will win out in the end so citizens can properly ‘engage’ in their micro-pockets of town… :upside_down_face:

I think 3 at-large would be ideal - tiebreaker seat

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