Raleigh Epicenter

The new one leaves just after 9


I’m actually really excited for the next Saturday I have the opportunity to:

  1. bike to Union station
  2. take train to Durham with bike
  3. bike all over DTD and enjoy some restaurants/bars/parks
  4. take train back to RUS and bike home.

Where did you get this information. I can’t find any info on the Durham stop.

Page three, right side shows the train going from Durham towards Raleigh. 4 daily in that direction.

you’re essentially just catching a short segment of the Piedmont & Carolinian service from Raleigh, right?

Yup. Was like $7 which isn’t mega cheap, but combined with the $3 DRX ride out there, works out pretty reasonable.

This is a few days late, but the entire first floor of the Cotton Mill is not parking. While the north side first floor is parking, the south side is storage. That part of the first floor’s ceiling is too low for habitable space, and the rehabilitation of that space too expensive for the market at that time.
For me, the bigger indicator that the renovation of the building was early DT re-development is the land given to surface parking lot.
Again, like the ATC, renovating The Cotton Mill was clearly better than tearing it down. Would The Cotton Mill be renovated today in the same way that it was in the 90s? No. It would have been renovated at a much higher end than it was then when the sales prices per square foot was well below $100/ft2, but it still would have been provided with parking like all projects are today. It just would have been a different project; so would have been ATC if it were done today.


We shouldn’t be looking at other Cities and see what they have…Raleigh has some pretty Cool spots too, So…why not focus on that and not worry What other neighboring Cities are doing. Overall…I really do Like Raleigh.

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I agree, which is why I think that the Dilion project is cool…it’s Raleigh! :heart:


You do need to look at other cities so you see whats working and whats not working. I mean, really, if an urban planner walked into an interview, and was all like, yeah, I don’t really study or care what other places are doing…yeeeeahhhh. Not hiring you bub. Certainly, do what is best for here…don’t outright copy everything other places do, and also definitely be creative and try new things (maybe eventually Raleigh will do that), but study the world around you for crying out loud.


You are Right about that…But I was saying is that Raleigh shouldn’t focus so Much of what other cities do or don’t do. Okay…so you feed off from what other cities works for them, bring it to the Table and Brainstorm or even better feed off what we have here and create something Great. If that makes any sense.

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I know some of you will drag me for this , but it’s cool :grin:!!! My question is when will Downtown Raleigh have a development that rivals or similar to Epicentre in Charlotte USA :grin:???

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I thought the reputation was to the point they were considering fundamentally changing Epicentre.


This ain’t 1997 anymore. Epicenter was pretty cool in its time, but that model’s time has come and gone now.


Epicenter sux. Stucco castle full of the worst kind of Affliction shirt wearing patrons.

Amen. The cheese associated with the epicenter makes Cornerstone look like a coffee shop.

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There was some dreaming about that kind of concentrated entertainment center here at one time, but it never materialized. And, it was supposed to have been out around Capital Boulevard and Brentwood.

I could have imagined an Epicentre (spelled correctly) project in Raleigh if the PNC Center was downtown like the Spectrum Center is in Charlotte. And, if we also had a fixed-guideway transit amenity next door, that would have helped.

But, we don’t have either of those. So, things will stay spread out as they are.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I used to think I’d like something like that downtown, like it was missing from Raleigh when I visited other cities. But actually picturing PNC and the obnoxious tailgaters and trash, the Epicentre’s loud, sketchy people, and the tackiness of the whole thing in downtown Raleigh makes me cringe. I’m good with what we have and what is planned.


Yes I’m aware of that it would have been called the Marque are something like that.