Raleigh Forward launches

Some pretty positive stuff coming from the new group, Raleigh Forward.

I’m expecting some pretty moderate and fact-based takes from them as we get into election season here this year. I encourage everyone to follow along.


Very much on board with Raleigh Forward!!!


Interesting. But I hope it’s not another organization like Livable Raleigh that seems good on the surface, but is really just a bunch of NIMBYS complaining about everything.


This is the response to Livable Raleigh. I promise you, knowing the people behind it, it won’t become like Livable Raleigh.


I’m in! extra characters

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Who is behind it? I think it would be good for them to be transparent. Who are they, what are their credentials, etc. The site only lists 2 people on the Board of Advisors and one doesn’t have details - she started many community programs but which ones? When they ask us to send an email if we’re interested, who are we actually sending an email to?

Just some thoughts to pass along to whoever you know that’s behind it. Transparency will benefit them, especially when they’re also asking for money.


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…and the other board member has been retired since 2010. Damn! I thought everyone was broke in 2010 and this guy was retiring early?

Eric Braun is the primary driving force. I’m sure he’s had help with the website and maybe pulling some of the content together, but this project exists because of him. He’s also put out a request for Raleigh residents to serve on the board.


I agree. The website and the video are a bit short on details. Lofty goals, but not much substance. Kind of like livable Raleigh.

Not doubting what @OakCityDylan is saying, just could use more transparency. The whole livable Raleigh deal has me kind of jaded with groups like this.

Sounds like this is not the case here, but more details and better info would certainly help the cause. That’s just my opinion.

That’s all great feedback and given they just launched last week, I think there’s lots of intent to improve with time and feedback. Feel free to provide that via the web page!