Raleigh Historic Homes

Hello All, Anyone have a good reference to find information on the historic homes in Raleigh? Somewhere I can go all way back to the original owner? I’ve been to NC Archives and they didn’t seem to have much knowledge on where to look. Or maybe I was asking the wrong person

How far back are you looking to go? Wake County has deeds back to a point in its online records search.
The county should have paper records of stuff back further than what is online or the oldest structures. There are have been a few fires at older courthouses that destroyed lots of records so in some cases other sources have to be consulted. For Oakwood, Matthew Brown has researched and cited every available source for properties in the district.. Similarly, Boylan Heights and Glenwood-Brooklyn have historic register papers that list owners for each property that contribute to the district. Similar research could be performed anywhere in the City but may not be readily available. I have stumbled through the works of say specific architects work in Raleigh and a string of owners can be obtained that way sometimes. Ian Dunn of the olderaleigh instagram may be able to help as well, and he works at archives. I have gobs of unorganized bookmarks and might be able to help if you have a specific property you are looking into but as a hobbyist at best, I cannot promise any results.


Here is a good link for some general info.


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Great link, thanks @Dave_M I will be investigating that more. I also got a kick out of their little opening video on the home page uses part of the image I just posted on Pictures of Downtown!!