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We clearly don’t see the famous @OakCityDylan watermark.


Apparently we are the 11th least segregated city in the US FWIW. Detroit, New Orleans and Philly were the ‘most’.

This article’s comparing the “percentage of the non-hispanic white population in a county […] to equalize the racial distribution between white and non-white population groups”. So the article and this figure are interesting, but I don’t really buy the authors’ narrative behind that headline.

Since they’re looking at the central county of a metro area -Wake County for Raleigh, King County for Seattle etc.- this article shows nothing about how the size/shape of counties are very different depending on what part of the US you’re in or, more importantly, differences within a county. After all, t doesn’t take a genius and a detective to know you’re less likely to find a Black family strolling around in Morrisville compared to southeast Raleigh.

Since that sort of context gets lost in numbers like these, I think the authors make it easy to have a wrong, rose-tinted impression of how (de)segregated Raleigh is :confused:


Not to mention that cities like Richmond aren’t even in a county, and are independent cities from their suburbs in adjacent counties.


That was your take? Wow. That’s not at all what this study (for its definite flaws) or anti-segregation advocates are saying. And I know my friends from Buffalo would be pretty surprised by your claim.

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Forbes has Raleigh as one of the top places to retire. Guest appearances from Winston-Salem and Asheville


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This is one of the best videos showing off Raleigh (in 2020) I’ve seen so far. Ignore the subject of the video (realty) and just take in the quality video b-roll and the tourism/info about Raleigh.

Now if we can only get a purely tourism video of this caliber out.


Raleigh is the number one real estate market in the US for real estate investment and development according to the well-regarded Urban Land Institute - PWC Emerging Trends report!

This is a pretty big deal bc this is one of the best known commercial real estate reports that comes out each year. Last year Raleigh was number 2 after Austin and this year they swapped with Raleigh number 1 and Austin number 2.

This type of exposure can be self-reinforcing with more investors and institutions putting the Triangle on their radar.

Link below is to the Nashville Business Journal. I’m sure a TBJ article will be out soon.



That’s great news and publicity!
I couldn’t find any 2021 PWC ULI report yet

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They usually give a copy to the press for articles a day or two before they release the full report to the public.

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Here it is:

Top five markets are:

  1. Raleigh/Durham
  2. Austin
  3. Nashville
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth
  5. Charlotte

They rank 80 markets. Atlanta is 11, Charleston is 23, Greenville, SC is 26.


Raleigh was named the #1 overall and the #1 housing market.


Has anyone posted this?


It looks like you have! :wink:


Don’t know about the validity of this as NYC and LA top this list but I’ll take it. Austin ranked 17th.


Where is this “Raleigh-Durham” city you speak of? :upside_down_face:

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Who are 1-4? I suspect that we are on the smaller side (by population) among the top 5.