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All good. Could we possibly at least lift the 1hr wait on this conversation though please? This arena district is a city changing project and would love to have an active discussion on it!


It will be a premiere tourist attrition ill put us on the map Live Nation want’s in on our venue for music.


Honestly the only think I don’t love is that Live Nation is involved.


It’s them or AEG (which is who the Downtown South venue, if that ever actually happens, will be managed by). Independently run music venues of that size are not common. The biggest/nicest one I can think of off the top of my head is The Anthem in DC, but that’s DC. This is Raleigh. This is just the unfortunate reality of it. The Ritz is also LiveNation, and about half the capacity of what they’re planning at PNC Arena, so they’ll have another, larger venue to route tours through.


Further demonstrates the need for some sort of transit to the stadium complex. Not only is there currently nothing – except some Wolfline shuttles for State games – but those get so extremely bogged down in traffic it turns into a complete disaster every time.

Would it really be that crazy to branch off the Western BRT up Blue Ridge? That would be very desirable for a lot of people.


Based on Pacific Elm’s portfolio, they seem to only do high-rises.

Phase 1 is 20 acres right? So seems like there might be decent height to fit all this:

  • Music venue
  • 150 room hotel
  • 500 apartments
  • 150k office space
  • 200k entertainment & retail space
    (+ whatever amount of parking decks they are adding as well)

Maybe 3 towers? But also seems like that would be more than $200 million so maybe not?


Fully agree with this. With the major development here and blue ridge in general, would the red line here not cover more residents. Provides a downtown connection to both PNC and WakeMed.

Could be great for gamedays to be able to go from bars downtown to bars at the stadium. Also would create a great buzz for BRT that is not going to come with the eastern route


Not to mention that sharp turn on Trinity is close(ish) to the back entrance to SAS as well.

That section of Trinity is a 2-lane residential street. Either cut back on Corporate Center Drive or have a separate BRT spur out to the airport:

Definitely seems like a low number. Tho if I remember correctly The Willard is like 140 rooms and cost $25M to build pre-covid? *Correct me if I’m wrong. So maybe 60-70M? 500 apartments 130-150M? The retail is likely a pedestrian street lined area with single story buildings & a few rooftops.

If this Live Nation project comes to fruition I am definitely thinking that this could be the death sentence for the AEG music venue for the proposed Downtown South. Unless the folks behind the DT South project think that Raleigh has the appetite to support two such music venues.

The downtown south one has almost all of its permits. The grading permit has been issued and the building permit is in final review.


I think Raleigh could support two…I’d wonder if the likely death sentence might be for the Ritz.


I’ve been in support of this for sometime, but instead of routing back to Cary, continue it to RDU to connect downtown, Dix, NC State, the Arena District, and the airport. Cary is also connected via stop at Blue Ridge Rd.


GoCary has a route starting either later this year or early next year with almost this exact same routing. It won’t be BRT, but it’ll be the best transit connection the stadium/arena has ever had.


That’s great! Now we just need GoRaleigh to pick up the easy part and connect downtown to PNC


A good friend of mine that lives in Fayetteville said that the City plans on building a downtown arena across the street from their baseball stadium.

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Back when the announcements happened about the PNC-area development in 2022 and 2023 - I wrote a couple of pieces for Red & White Network:

At that time, I saw that Phase 1 was supposed to include 100k sqft of retail & restaurant space, 150k sqft of office, 200 apartment units, a 150-room hotel, and the indoor music venue. Not sure if that’s changed. Phase 1 is also supposed to be completed within 5 years of the August 2023 announcement.

Will be interested to see how the Canes/NCSU/Raleigh communicate this project’s status given the variety of stakeholders.


I pulled that from the recent press release so yep more retail space and more apartments since the preliminary annoucement awhile back.