Raleigh Strong/Raleigh United

A mass shooting unfortunately happen I thought it would be a good idea, to discuss feeling after this massacre. I have a social media photo campaign with the #RaleighStrong/ #RaleighUnido coming out in a few minutes stay tuned!

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I take a NIMBY stance on this. Thinking about all of those impacted. Sadly it was probably just a matter of time before it happened at home.

Crazy. I ride the Neuse River Trail often. I guess only a matter of time is right. A juvenile. Some witnessed estimated as young as 13-14.

He is 16 Year old and it say it was white teen

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He was 15, hearing reports one or more of the victims might be family members. Sad

We cannot go on with murder by gunfire being a real possibility for us, our loved ones and our neighbors. Unfortunately, the only result will be the fearful will buy MORE weapons and the spiral continues. I will not react with fear, but with anger towards those that enable 16 year olds or anyone to threaten our safety and well-being, with unbridled access to these killing machines. How did all the guns in Hedingham stop this killer?


Bravo sir. I couldn’t agree more.
How did everyone else’s guns stop this killer? They didn’t.


I’m not trying to be insensitive here but this topic isn’t quite in-line with the forum. Please continue to discuss but I’m going to set the topic to close next week.


Wow. Raleigh history and that’s how it’s treated. To just be forgotten. This was in my neighborhood. Have compassion and sympathy. This is a time for people to come together, not be worried if it’s on topic. Just saying.

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Taken. without a scratch. You’ll see that a lot in America if you’re not from here I don’t know if you are. But white boys get arrested without a scratch but the shooter in California Christopher Dorner got swished cheese (meaning killed) after killing 3 cops and barricading himself HE WAS BLACK. This shooter literally shot 7 killed 5 barricaded himself and arrested peacefully with minor injuries. Who know he may have gotten a burger like the Charleston Mass murderer Dylan Roof. Obviously he was taken to hospital but I just don’t see if a black guy would gotten this treatment.

Yeah cmon Leo this is definitely a tough time the first mass shooting this city had.

It’s not the first sadly. My mom still talks about the North Hills one in ‘72.

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I personally dont think this is the space for local news discussion. There are plenty of other online locations where this can and should be discussed. It was a terrible event. Grief should be unloaded and action should be taken to prevent anything similar from occurring. At the same time, with these sorts of discussions can devolve and spiral as a lot of emotions are involved.

I think Leo has put a great deal of effort into fostering a certain politically neutral environment with great success. You are entitled to your opinion and I understand this literally hits close to home but I agree with dtraleigh that this isn’t exactly the proper forum.


The shooter is in the hospital in critical condition…

He wasn’t killed by cops…

Feel free to elaborate. What I stated is all the info I have.

The way I see it, he was either shot by cops or he shot himself and failed to kill himself. Either way, if the cops “finished the job” would that have been more equitable???

You said he was “arrested peacefully”. You mean picked him up off the ground and put him in an ambulance? Please explain your statement, because the facts seem to contradict “arrested peacefully.”

This is my mindset 100%. Thanks @OakFolk.

To a certain degree, I guess I’m honored that some of you think of this platform as a place to grieve. I thank you for that. Say what you gotta say over the weekend but Monday, the topic is closed.


We all know nothing will be done. A similar story will unfold somewhere else in a matter of weeks. Just like it has for the past 20+ years. Bet we have is offer support for the victims. The gun lobby has way to much of a stranglehold on this country, convincing millions that the only way to stay safe is to buy more guns.


Wow, assuming @Yimbyforlife is the one who flagged my comment, this is pretty low. Not doing yourself any favors stirring up complete misinformation then flagging a comment dispelling said misinformation. @dtraleigh I’d almost suggest you lock this thread now, nothing productive is coming from this.

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I got flagged also, but I didn’t flag your posts I was sprinkling the truth. Because If this boy were black no matter injured or not they would have shot him if he made one move.