Raleigh Union Station and RUSbus Facility


Lol, Raleigh really is not that bad but okay.


No need to complicate things, keep it simple like the original.



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Great pictures! Having commercial areas inside the bus terminal is definitely better, though. It’s nice when you don’t have enough time to stop somewhere else and there’s a quick place to get a to-go sandwich, coffee, magazine, phone charger or whatever before hopping on the bus. Having personally been in this position for both buses and trains many a time.


Lets not do that. That space is prime for what is proposed.

Cool pictures though.



(Above) Excerpt from the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual found on WRI Cities Hub (here).

Also fun, a 2016 article from NextCity about design finalists for NYC’s Port Authority terminal (here).

A design competition would be a fun way to come up with ideas for the station. A particular aspect of airports and train stations are multiple levels to improve circulation for passengers and vehicles. Airport access roads are also designed to separate traffic to improve flow and efficiency. If possible I’d like to see some of this integrated into the new facility while also being integrated into the streetscape and warehouse district in a a meaningful way.


TBJ is reporting that Wine and Design will be leasing the upper floor of Union Station for their new HQ. Not exactly Amazon but not bad news either.


Was walking around DTR and decided to go to Raleigh Union Station for the first time, Amazing truly a beautiful train station. here are a few pics I took. not the best pics I’m afraid But its time for a new cell phone.

wish it wasn’t so cloudy that day and it started to rain.


Try cleaning the lense on your phone. Some of the haze may be due to just that.


Today’s TBJ has a article saying " Go Triangle " is looking for a developer that will partner with them to build a tower in the warehouse district . They have requested a rezoning change from the 12 story height limit .


“GoTriangle plans to select a partner by the end of the year.”

How long can it take to select a qualified contractor for this job? I love real estate development but boy I don’t know if I had the needed patience to work in this industry :slight_smile:



Thank you! :grin:
IMHO, This project has a lot of potential as Go-Triangle wants quite a bit of foot traffic. They appear to realize that they will be directly responsible for at least a small portion of said foot traffic with what actually goes into this project. This would include not only condo’s, apt’s, but even what type of office space…“collaborative” “co-working” etc. Are there other things that could help with the size and scope of this project?


Sheesh that’s good an all but I thought I read that they planned on selecting a developer in the first quarter of this year. Was hoping we may even see it started this year but it looks like they won’t happen now.


Now that RUS is built, will phase 2 start anytime soon ? https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2019/01/23/gotriangle-rfq-downtown-raleigh-nc-tower.html


I don’t know which block location in The Warehouse District will do this , but one full block will be rezoned up to 20 stories .


A block other than the one for the proposed RUS BUS facility?


I don’t know . My friend is not sure about which block will be rezoned .


I mean, considering they’re building a bus terminal in the bottom of it, this seems a bit more complex than a typical project. I’m glad they said it’s going to connect to RUS, because honestly, as much as I like the inside of RUS, the pedestrian approach is not exactly grand.


Considering how much the city emphasizes the need for affordable housing, we will see how important they really value it with this project. They basically have a blank canvas, including Millions in Federal Grant money to really make an impact with the “crisis” of affordable housing. They basically gave away Millions to the developer behind the Sir Walter for those units.