Raleigh Union Station and RUSbus Facility / Union West

Thanks to @Andrew for sharing this pdf that gives us a glance into what the new Raleigh Union Station Bus Facility might look like. There’s also been this conceptual rendering that’s been going around.



Awesome pdf, thank you!

When is Amtrak Service from Union Station expected to begin? It seems to be being pushed back.

Looking at RUS phase 2, with the BRT on the base floor, here is the SEHSR station supposed to go? Or will it only be a platform?

They said early June. Are you hearing something new?

Thought I heard mid-July…but, of course, can’t recall where I heard it. :thinking:

To answer my own question, this is where I saw mid-July: https://apps.ncdot.gov/newsreleases/details.aspx?r=15103

I have a difficult time believing the station will open before July, given that there is still plenty of construction active around the access points. The entrance road/tunnel still hasn’t been finished:


Was there last week. Not impressed with the platform itself. Track wasn’t quite level. There were gaps in the box beams (Birds nesting inside them already - bird poop is not good for steel). Kind of surprised all the electrical conduit runs above the roof - seems some added expense for no benefit. And one of the new tracks just ‘ends’ - no bumper, and it doesn’t cross the street to attach to the other tracks yet. Gotta be a safety issue there if not addressed.

In looking at various photos of Union Station, I’ve noticed what appears like a walkway from the station to a ramp leading up to the platform. There are even lamp posts along it.

Does anyone know how this walkway will be used? Are passengers going to use this walkway to get to the platform? I thought there would be an underground walkway that would lead directly to the platform.

Now I haven’t done it myself but yes, that underground concourse is how passengers get to and from the station to the platform. It goes underneath the tracks and leads you up to the raised platform so that trains can come and go on both side of the platform.

Is that what you are talking about @wumpafruit or do you mean something else?

I’ve circled what I’m talking about below. The way you’ve explained it is how I understand it, so this walkway must be for something else then.

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OK. Now I see. Not sure about that piece. My guess is it’s for loading/unloading baggage or maintenance access. Just a guess, I have not been there yet. I want to say that it’s not for public use.

Is there an elevator on the platform or just stairs? If there isn’t, it could be handicap access.

The circled ramp looks to be baggage or such, as it goes right to the ‘crew’ are of the station. There is an elevator and stairs to the platform itself, plus that long ramp from the station to the platform area. (Although picking an employees brain when I travelled they mumbled something about failing ADA compliance, but wouldn’t specify further - hmmmmm.

Looking back on the layout posted here in October of 2016, it’s a baggage crossing ramp.

Sounds like we’re SOOO close to opening! See the article below. Today starts a new train, adding a 4th daily trip between Raleigh and Charlotte. Here’s the timetable.



Now if we only had a nightly train from Durham to Raleigh, leaving Durham at 10:30 PM, 11:30 PM, 2:30 AM. I would like to get drunk in Durham and make it back to Raleigh using the train but THERE ISN’T EVEN A F***ING BUS THAT GOES BETWEEN THE SISTER CITIES AT NIGHT.


maybe not be a public bus, but there is a bus for what you seek:

Edit - nevermind, looks like regular service is currently not being offered.

I suppose the newest train service will work for now: It departs Durham at 9:33 PM. Too early for my taste.