Bloc 83 - One Glenwood, Two Hillsborough, and Phase 3

I know people have already shared pictures of this space, but the attention to detail and small features here are really nice.

Also the retail space on the corner facing Hillsborough will have these gigantic roll up bay doors.


Weird there’s no retail announcements yet? The tiny retail location could be a small patch cafe shop or maybe cafe and ice cream shop? @Deekay93

Ice cream and espresso is a winning combination AKA Affogato.


Chicago-based Envestnet will take over 81,000 square feet of Two Glenwood office space. I’ve never heard of them.


Yes, I think that was announced about a year ago. I hope we get some more leasing announcements soon bc I think there won’t be too many more office cranes until more of the office space here, in Smoky Hollow, and at Raleigh Crossing gets leased.


I actually inquired on that spot. They visioned exactly that, either a little espresso or ice cream shop. Someone was previously interested in it before me, but they backed out. Hopefully they find some takers soon.


There’s a good chance in the next year (maybe slightly more?) we’re going to see the following cranes:
Seaboard (base already set)
121 Fayetteville
Cabarrus Kane
Apartments at Park City South
I think we’re getting close with the Municipal building?

Perhaps a couple of these need more prep before we get an actual crane, but they should at least get kicked off.


I think we’ll see a boom of “post covid rut” development announcements later this year as well. The money and desire is there!


I think we will see the resi stuff and the public projects. I’m just doubtful we see more office buildings until we get more leasing activity (or obviously if something is more of a build to suit).

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about all I can say- react to Park City South :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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Boylan St. closed between Morgan and Hillsborough today for “crane setup.”


What would this be for?

I don’t know. Only one way to find out! :camera_flash:


Maybe it’s for signage on the new building?

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Must be. I’m betting it’s the financial company from CHI that’s taking a healthy chunk of the space. (I think it’s Envest?)


Noticed last night some of the LED lights were were already glitching

Feature it is.

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any word on what the crane was for?

That’s going to be a continuous issue for the LL to address. There’s a new building in Miami with millions of lights, and there are panels that are out on it already. What a nightmare to have to manage.


I just drove by and didn’t see anything different on the faces of the buildings. Must’ve been something for the rooftop.

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They were probably trying to install the rest of the Smoky Hollo[w] sign on it and realized they are just terrible at their job…