121 Fayetteville

Has anybody heard this mentioned before: Fayetteville 121? It’s a 30 floor project across the street from the Wells Fargo Building on Fayetteville. I don’t remember seeing any chatter on this.

Preferred Apartment Communities recently purchased a 16 floor building in North Hills and will keep Kane on as property manager. I did a little more digging into this company and saw this in their “Portfolio” on their website. It also has Kane Realty as a contact as the Leasing Team.


Looks new, meaning not something dreamed up years ago. There’s a pic of Citrix Cycles on the page.


Looks pretty sharp:


Why didn’t we see this coming?
Also, it looks like they are leaving up to 10 floors or 100 ft on the table by maxing out around the height of the Wells Fargo.


Cool video they have, scanning the sky line from the first level of office and the top level - neat to see the old town from that perspective.
My first reaction - my lord, what is that awful base design? One floor of retail, and then that? Ugh.

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More renderings from the brochure:

I must admit my disappointment at the lack of residential units, but if this gets built I won’t be complaining!

EDIT: So this is interesting — the building appears to be proposed for the southern half of the Alexander Square deck, rather than taking out any existing buildings worth saving.


Why on earth put so much time designing such a striking building, to then stick it on a plinth that looks so bla? I’d liken it to a mullet, business on the bottom, party on the top. But I am not even sure that looks like business on the bottom. More like you put on your best, newest and most trendy shirt but wear the pants you changed the oil/mowed the yard in.

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My first thought was yet another office tower that we can wait years for, but then I realized it’s a Kane project. This may be something to keep an eye on in the near future.

On a separate note, Fayetteville street seriously needs more residential units. Just like glenwood needs a lot more office, but that seems to be on the way.


I don’t know what to think of this. No news, completely out of no where, and yet Kane is attached to it. That means something.



I like it.
It’s something from nothing. I’m guessing this is on top of the existing parking deck? Just another sign to other developers that they better move it or lose it.
Sit around and Kane is going to drink your milkshake.


I wonder if they’re planning another building for the north half of Alexander square which would block that section? Could be a shorter building which would step down to the capital.


This should fill in a gap in the skyline rather nicely. Reminds me a little bit of the proposed reynolds tower.

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I used to work for PAC! It is a fantastic company.


Just saw this and WOW does anyone know if this has any chance of happening this is really out of the blue. Are they going to wait for ever for a nonexistent anchor tenant?

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Talk about a bolt out the blue. Wild that this had not leaked out before now. Also if look at video can see 1 Glenwood and Peace Apartment building in background and looks to be from in past few weeks.
Being this is already zoned for 40 story, guess not needing city council approval. (?) Would be nice if added apartments or condos on top to take advantage of all the allowed height.


Hope this isn’t a backup plan for Kane in case our “Council of Slow” (CoOSlo) says No to SmoHo (Smoky Hollow) 3.


I don’t think it is. POP is building and Developing. Kane will just be the management company.


Amazing how many irons Kane has in the fire. For a long time, he was “the guy that made North Hills”, but now he has so much more going on. Really glad he has turned some of his attention downtown.

Regarding height, since this is a commercial (not resi) building, I wonder if he is planning on maximizing height if not # of floors.

Edit: Thanks to @Bryan I see that POP is developing and Kane is just managing, so perhaps disregard the first part of my post, but I still think the point about maximizing height if not stories may be correct.


Ohh I see that PAC bought the Captrust building. Seems like they like Raleigh a lot!


That’s great news! Let’s hope they move quick and build on spec - PAC’s pockets certainly seem deep enough

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