Raleigh's Big Boy Pants!

If feel like Raleigh never takes risks on any big projects. Raleigh wants to be a big city, but is never willing to take those risks. We’re worried about petty stuff like gentrification and controlling people who be changing our city like John Kane and controlling what he builds and how he spends his money. He choose Raleigh cause he believed in our big size potential. I was talking to a few out of town let’s all they think Raleigh is a city when we’re not mentioned on the TV, that when we breath a sigh of relief, do you guys really want to have that reputation. Even some people on this page people I won’t mention say “Have you been to other cities, then you’ll have an appreciation for Raleigh”, truth is I have and they have there on style like Raleigh does but have a lot more to do and more balls. Even my Mom (a Native New Yorkers, which is known for being a big city) and I clash on this, it even gets divisive we don’t talk politics anymore, she would say “why do you move to that other NC City?”. I get mad at her pretty quickly. I choose to put this topic in the PUB because rants were allowed and we need to have a discussion on Raleigh putting on its big boys pants immediately, or it gonna be another decade of us always being in the consideration, but never actually making it happen.

This isn’t a general Raleigh conversation, I see you guys lost interest in that when another person posted his opinion confronting the truth. But why do we have these pathetic, stigmas and notions about Raleigh?

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