Red Hat Amphitheater and Outdoor Music

We can keep talking about this in the thread about downtown hotels or the convention center’s expansion, but it’s also nice to see that our community’s intuitions on needing more hotels near the RCC falls in line with what the experts are thinking:

…and you could argue that the benefits of expanded hotel space would be just as relevant for the Red Hat Amphitheater (and its successor, however it comes about), too.

As a side note, if you look at the raw data for where the numbers on the article’s infographic came from, a fairer average number of hotel rooms within 1/4 miles of a major convention center for a Raleigh-sized-ish city would be 1,669 rooms (and a maximum of 2,060). That’s still much higher than Raleigh’s current 929 rooms, but much more attainable than the 2,465 that the article suggests.