Red Hat Amphitheater and Outdoor Music

My source indicated that the Convention Center expansion into the Red Hat amphitheater lot is starting to move. Preliminary designs have the building cantilever over the road. Sounds pretty interesting, but no timeline yet.


They should explore putting an amphiteater on the roof of the expansion.


Yes, that is an excellent idea!!
They should also bring the side walk level from Salisbury, over McDowell to Dawson.

I am 100% in favor of keeping some kind of amphitheater in DTR. Would love something innovative like on the roof.

DTR lacks many of the downtown amenities peer cities have in their downtowns. We have no pro sports, no water feature, only a small amount of historic buildings, little mass transit, and the area’s best performing arts center is in Durham. We don’t need to lose our amphitheater.


Glad to hear that if they are going to expand thar they are looking at cantilevering over the road and not messing up the street grid (which I am obviously a big advocate of). :wink:

Dix will hopefully some day have an amphitheater and if Malik and Kane are going to request public funds for a soccer stadium hopefully that can be used for concerts as well. The acoustics at Red Hat are terrible, it bakes in the summer time and bleeds in to nearby neighborhoods. I really won’t miss it when it’s gone.

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Yes, I know the plan is for dix to eventually have an Amphitheater and if the MLS thing gets built that would be another one but for me that would still be a net loss bc those are not really walkable from downtown. We already have multiple amphitheaters that you can drive to in the area with Koka Booth and Walnut Creek.

I like to be able to go downtown and then make an evening of it without having to drive between places. Downtown has good places to eat and drink but not really very many other activities. And I would just hate for us to lose one. I know Red Hat doesn’t have the best acoustics because it was built on the cheap as a temporary venue. But if they did a first-class job by putting it on the convention center roof or something like that I think the best solution is to leave it downtown. Just my opinion.


I don’t see the amphitheater on the roof happening. It would be a logistical nightmare and that’s far too bold for Raleigh. I think downtown is way too small to have the land Red Hat occupies sit unused for over half the year. Amphitheaters at Dix and the soccer stadium, should they get built, could be easily reachable by shuttle from downtown. Plus both venues should they be built will have their own restaurants and bars nearby. Dix with whatever is in the park and S Saunders and the stadium with Kane’s North Hills South.
And there would still be the possibility of there being pop up concerts held around downtown like before Red Hat was around. Maybe at Moore Sq, City Plaza or somewhere else.

I don’t disagree that there is likely a better place for an amphitheater than Red Had, but your alternative suggestions completely ignore the issue of capacity! None of these places fill the market for a 5-6k crowd. In fact, Red Hat is one of only a couple in the whole Triangle that do… the only other I can think of is Koka Booth in Cary.

I definitely think it’s feasible that the amphitheater at Dix could have a similar capacity, but none of the other places you suggested are feasible replacements for the kinds of acts that are too large for Cat’s Cradle/Haw River Ballroom/The Ritz/DPAC but too small for PNC or Walnut Creek or the future soccer stadium. So, a good portion of all the music I listen to would likely just skip over Raleigh, unless Dix fills this spot in the market.


Do you really think the NCDOT would ever allow traffic flow on their downtown freeway to be interrupted? :wink:

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That’s why I said Dix and the soccer stadium. Red Hat was built as a temporary venue. It’s going away at some point and it will be near impossible to replace with something the same size within the confines of downtown because there really isn’t any space.
An indoor/outdoor venue like Stage AE in Pittsburgh could be a good solution if someone could find space for it. Then it could at least host shows year round.

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Boylan HOA would never have it!

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