Residential Infill along New Bern - Edenton

Tough to make the math work at that price given upfit costs.

Maybe some townhomes, quad-plex, or 8-plex as well?


Would be a shame to lose a potential retail spot in this area.

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Oh I meant in addition to renovating the existing building for retail.

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I do like Carolina Pines. South of downtown is really my one exception for not being ITB, since it’s so close anyway.


Interesting update that could change the fundamentals of the “missing middle”-building market in this area: last week, GoRaleigh board meeting featured a presentation on the draft New Bern BRT land use plan with this surprising slide. It implies that the City intends to initiate rezoning along the New Bern/Edenton corridor later this year to enable denser residential and mixed-use developments.

If the city initiates the rezoning process, it makes it cheaper (or at least, quicker and easier) for developers to build non-SFH houses since developers won’t have to waste time making the case for rezoning places when the city implies that it wants that anyways. This map from the BRT thread shows the parcels that the study recommends to be rezoned:

The transit-oriented district (TOD) overlay will also encourage developers to include affordable units by giving them a density bonus (i.e. the right to build taller) in return. Here are the overlay locations and their height limits:


being born in Raleigh in 69 im not sure the solely vertical option is all that swell. downtown had always been city, some county and a lot of state govt commutes. yes, lawyers and bankers too with a short drive in most cases. the major hospitals and health dept (dense employers were outside of the core). the spread-out nature, and now with a semi-second core near north hills, and all the rtp commutes i think raleigh has done a rather unique job without shoving everyone into a central core. sure …more frequent transit may encourage a few to bus more.

Some action on feb 11 at the old kfc


Do we know what this is going to be once renovations are complete?

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Thanks @bartonfj! That post is from Nov19. I’m curious if that’s still the plan.

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House on New Bern destroyed by fire

There were a TON of fire and EMS trucks filling up New Bern trying to fight this fire last night (very close to the building with the ‘Welcome to Raleigh Y’all’ mural).


This was literally across the street from us and really surprised at the response. There were 14 firetrucks and several ambulances. Fortunately no one was hurt although one house was destroyed and the rental right next door was damaged and folks had to relocate while it’s being repaired. It’s too early to tell what will be rebuilt but will pass it along once I hear.


Is anyone else annoyed with the lack of content lately?

Anyways, this is an incredible use of space with a new courtyard, that appears to be designed with openings from maybe garage doors. Pool table, fire pit in the court yard, new landscaping with tree planters, I really like the direction this is going so far.


haha, this is one of my DSCA sites :upside_down_face:

What’s the source and context for this? Looks great

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New Bern mini mart renovation into a bar.


How did you find out about this? This is great!! Finally the transformation of NB begins!!


I check regularly for content. I need to add some.

Pettigrew and Bart there are three new SFH being finished.

Battery drive and New Bern there is a new development rezone on three lots that seems likely to pass despite planning commission not recommending it. Z-57-2021

Hargett between Tarboro and east has tons of new development, I see Leo posting that.

New bern has a few interesting developments. Is there an east way to follow specific]development sites. Like the lot across from the Monica teen center on Tarboro and Boyer.

Also this is the last time I post from my phone ha!


Not sure if it’s been posted here yet. But the City acquired the Duplex Village properties on the south side of New Bern in between Raleigh Blvd to the west, Russ St to the east (next to the Milner Church/DHIC/City of Raleigh’s upcoming senior affordable housing project) and Hawkins to the south. This will likely become a tax credit project with a mix of both market rate and affordable rental units.

Also, the New Bern Station Area Planning recommendations will be out soon.