Residential Infill along New Bern - Edenton


Do you have access to actual floor plans? I wonder if they are one bedroom with a den? At 3 floors, they can’t possibly only have one toilet either. It would be odd to have one bedroom, yet 3 toilets.


Awesome…tearing down more 100+ year old mansions…


FWIW, and this is more speculation than anything, after his ouster as Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen formed a real estate development company called “Allen Ventures” and partnered with Five Horizons Development on 10 Arros. What I’ve written so far isn’t speculation. You can read about it here:

Highlights from this March 2016 article include:
Allen said that he was planning to focus on urban-style projects in the downtown area. He also said he would purposely try to keep a low profile (not be the principal out front) given his prior role as city manager.

Up until just a few years ago Five Horizons was strictly a builder of single family. Today I frequently hear about this company’s involvement in major development projects downtown. Now comes the speculation part. How much of a hand does Russell Allen have in it?


I don’t have the actual floor plans, but based off speculation from the exterior renderings.
It appears the first floor will be occupied by the garage and storage, therefore excluding a restroom.
The second floor would consist of Kitchen/living area with a 1/2 bath for quests and eliminate climbing the stairs. Then the master bedroom on the third floor with a full bath. So total 1.5 bathrooms.
Speculation of course…


That’s really the only logical/reasonable way to presume it’s truly only 1 bedroom type space. Even then, the garage level and main floor area have to be reasonably sized to accommodate a car+storage+foyer on the ground level and a living/kitchen on the main level. If there’s really only one bedroom upstairs, it’s going to have to be generously sized. I still have to imagine that there’s some sort of den space either on the top floor and/or on the ground floor. The site plan calls for these units to have a nominal footprint of 30’x18’ (540 ft2) with an overhang above the ground floor. 540 ft2 x 3, despite the garage being unheated space, is still a ton of square footage for just a typical one bedroom townhouse.


Great article


It appears this move will happen sooner than anticipated. I feel bad for the current employees who live downtown who will now drive to Rocky Mount. Jan 1. 2020 is pretty soon.

If this article isn’t an advocate for the City’s Municipal campus, I’m not sure what will be.
“The DMV would pay an average of $2,053,635 per year over 15 years to rent 139,181 square feet of office and warehouse space” That is more than $30 Million for roughly 500 employees, and own nothing!


I’d be fine with this if I had any hope that the state would cash in and sell the site rather than just sit on it in the name of some diabolical anti-urban agenda.


This is definitely the most important part. Reminds me of this editorial from a few weeks ago. I don’t share general concern that moving the DMV to Rocky Mount will be catastrophic for service (and I don’t understand why everyone thinks current employees will just commute 2 hours, obviously lots of them will quite and some will just move to Rocky Mount), but I am concerned this will just sit vacant out of sheer incompetence.


Some interesting tidbits from today’s N&O. Dan Blue, Senator for Wake and the rest of the Wake Delegation are fighting the DMV change. Tim Moore specifically said he thinks the property should be redeveloped as part of the New Bern corridor. I’m not that hopeful that a compromise where the DMV stays in Wake but this site gets redeveloped is reached.


I noticed a Board of Adjustment sign (A-10-19) posted at 510 E. Edenton. Looks like the owner (Archive Development) is trying to get a variance on a roof setback requirement. From the plans it looks like more modernist residential might be on the way.

I see that the New Bern Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) is raising its ugly head again. The intent of the NCOD is to preserve the character of the neighborhood but in this case it is making it challenging to build on this small lot. This lot is a border line eye-sore as-is. Nothing worth preserving here. I hope this BOA case is approved…


Barely enough room to put in a driveway and build a house as is.


Forgive me if this has been shared before but I thought this development website was interesting. I’m sure we’ve discussed these plans before but not sure if we’ve looked at the website.


Could be yours for a cool quarter mill.,-78.628008,35.776865,-78.637235_rect/16_zm/,-78.629512,35.778787,-78.634126_rect/17_zm/

The Townhomes next to them are going for $500,000,-78.629795,35.779463,-78.632102_rect/18_zm/


I actually got really excited because $250K would be a bargain for this location. :smile:


HA!, you are very right! I meant 3/4 of a million*
1/4 would be a ridiculous deal for these.
You have to go 2 miles further out, get half the house size, and buy a 1957 house
to get down the the 1/4 million mark,-78.595945,35.783172,-78.614398_rect/15_zm/


there’s a lot going on here lol…


To be fair, these are not small houses, and they are downtown. They are also nicely finished. I don’t think that they are overpriced for the market.
People paid way more than these prices to be in a townhouse with less square footage at Hargett Place.


The first ones went for mid 700’s but escalated after that
I see the square footage went up of course, but just pointing out that the initial market was “starting from mid 700’s”. I agree the price and style has become the norm for this area.


Fair enough, but that was 700K for under 2000 ft2. These houses are hundreds of square feet larger. Using your second link, Hargett Place was selling over a million and was still smaller than these .75M$ houses.