Roast Grill seeks donations to keep hot dog joint alive in Downtown Raleigh


We just donated to this! I love that Mecca is going to stay true to it’s previous form and even open on Sundays in the near future. I see Roast Grill as another opportunity to keep a local staple/icon alive amongst all the explosive new growth.

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As of now, they are at 83% of their goal. Not too shabby. Frankly, I’ve never been there. I am not a mustard fan! But, I do get a good chuckle when I walk by the place with their signage.

I just got a GoFundMe update and they have met their goal.


The page says just over 15K has been raised.

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This is great! So glad the community rallied to support them. Next time you walk over to Roast Grill tell them to support the West Street cycle track :wink: They’re holding out on it right now due to concern over losing 1-parking spot. I’d guess 99% of their business is walk / bike related so be sure to let them know these type of infrastructure investments will make their neighborhood that much more lively and sustainable! :slight_smile:


For sure. If they want the support of the community, they should also want to support that same community. Fighting over one parking space that’s on the street that belongs to all of us is not cool.


I was hoping they would close and something that didn’t looks gross would get built. And they oppose the cycle track. Great