Rockway (formerly Park City South) - Saunders/Lake Wheeler Apartments and Retail

Oh no they’re turning us into Drunktown!


I like that the creek facing side won’t be dedicated to loading docks. It really is taking advantage of the space that a lot of other developments could learn from


This Park District seems more applicable than his North Hills Park District. Wonder where downtown he’ll put his Main and Lassiter Districts :crazy_face:

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huh? This is one of the first apartment buildings in Raleigh clad in metal to my knowledge.
The only other ones in the Triangle I know of that use metal panel are The Forge @ Iron works

and Geerhouse in Durham

Aluminum costs more than fiber cement panels which are the norm for these kinds of buildings, and it can look really sharp when it’s detailed nicely. imo it’s not that the material is cheap; it’s that their implementation here is very sloppy. They’re using way too many materials in plane with each other.

Especially here… who saw these material samples together and signed off on this? Would be so much better without that biege-y infill, and if there was some difference in depth between the silver metal border and the black interior (but of course using two different depths of furring strips would add some cost). Hell, look how much nicer this section looks simply because they kept the window frames the same color as the black infill material. SIMPLIFY, PEOPLE


Agreed - love the street activation.
I also really like the detail work on the railings of the balconies.

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It wouldn’t be Raleigh apartment design without 30 different exterior materials, colors and architectural styles thrown into a blender and then dumped onto a parking deck!!!


Maybe that garage needs to be painted one of Disney’s magic colors like Blending Blue, or no-see-um grey?

lol for real. Would love to start seeing some apartment buildings like The Rigsbee collection in Durham. Simple, elegant design, small in scale, and incorporating limited parking on the lower level.

I wonder why this isn’t happening in Raleigh yet. The 5-over-1s like Rockway are absolute GIANTS and it’s partly why I think designers feel the need to mash so many facade treatments together.


Yes. I feel like it’s for that retro/modern industrial aesthetic. And I think it works well here and at RIW. And frankly at Geer House too. Way better than the fake stucco/generic paneling most apartments have, in my opinion.


Kane Realty is a dinosaur and their project creativity is really stale.


They’re also the only developer that consistently gets big projects done in Raleigh. Gotta take the good with the bland.


Yeah basically the state of mega developments in Raleigh. What can you do. :man_shrugging:

615 Peace could have been elegant and is the proper scale. The Lynde would have been a project of this scale as well. There are also some more boutique scaled buildings popping up in the Village District too. One could also argue that The Fairweather falls into this category.


I was just thinking that. Raleigh seems to be getting this scale for condo buildings instead of apartments (which is better!)

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Yeah, the apartment projects seem to be enormous. Then again, renters seem to like amenities and it’s difficult to economically provide amenities at a smaller scale project.


Platform has a few sections of metal cladding. The biggest section is on the west side and you can hear it flexing in the late afternoon sun.

And yes, it seems that Kane’s group loves to combine weird combinations of so many materials on the same plane and then make them look like they’ve patched up holes in the building (very similar treatment on Platform).

My guess is that this is the preppy take on “creative and edgy” since they tend toward a more traditional aesthetic with their other developments and probably don’t really understand creative and edgy.


The Line, The Platform, The Dillon, The Row (am I missing any?)

Anyone notice how their sales slick doesn’t say “luxury” anywhere? I actually love “thoughtfully designed” instead.

From @Christopher’s post above…


What is the significancy of “Lynde”? This is now the 2nd project in this area with that name.

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Had to dig a few minutes.

“Dorothea Lynde Dix”


Shout out dazzle camouflage!!