Show Off Things From Other Cities

I love Tjuvholmen! The Astrup Fearnley in that district is fun, but the Viking Ship and Fram Museums and Ski Jump Center are all truly one of a kind. Enjoy the city, it’s a great one.


Ok found some more things in Oslo that Raleigh should try to get soon:

Pedestrian bridges.

Grassy light rail lines (with matching buses for the street).

A fleet of bike shaped bike racks.

Modern, attractive buildings.

Multiple cranes.

3 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Better cars for people who do drive.

Real trolls instead of just internet ones.


No commentary needed


Atlanta is one long skyline along Peachtree Street.

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Saw this on the gram this morning. I feel like it’s easy to forget how much can change when things move as relatively gradually as urban development does. Would be cool to see a Raleigh side by side as well.


here’s 2004 vs 2024


We’re in Gothenburg, Sweden and there’s a ton of new construction projects going up. One thing I really liked is that they have construction fencing around all of them that has some elaborate and very cool murals. One of them has scenes from their history over the centuries in chronological order, and another had just wild images like Bigfoot walking down the street with a glowing white horse, and an intelligent ape pulling back the curtain of a normal cityscape to reveal some time travel future city. I mentioned it to someone who lives here, and he said they just take it for granted. I’d love to see that in Raleigh, or even just a rule requiring a rendering on the fencing so people know what is coming. This is the only picture I got of it, and the example isn’t as cool. But I do love this random mishmash building. No idea what’s up with that.

Also just some cranes and a tall building for fun:

Oh yeah, also we need a Gucci store so I can have a home.


I saw this on Facebook and got a good laugh out of it. Not sure where this is.


When you gotta go, back it takes 20 minutes to walk down all the steps to the portajohn outside.


The CityNerd Durham video came out today. He seemed impressed.


Indeed. Props to the American Tobacco Trail (and NC on the whole ), good shade on Southpoint as well as a reasonable understanding that Duke (like Koch) is a four letter word.
Teased the Raleigh omission, perhaps a nod to a future return…


I talked with him shortly at the event – he said he plans to come back at some point in the not-too-distant future to do a standalone visit to Raleigh.


We need to organize a meet up when he’s here.


I hope Oaks and Spokes would partner with that. Imagine a meetup at a place like Transfer, the ballroom, and we pack the house.


Łódź, Poland, which has a reputation for being an ugly, industrial city has been reinventing itself and making the city more appealing. Just look at this amazing streetscape and building upfit.


We couldn’t even imagine the amount of studies required to get this done


Public & Public partnerships tend to go well if both parties are favorable to the general public. Sadly, Raleighites are not fond of car-less streets.

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Well, unless they are in neo-faux urban developments with parking decks attached…

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It is looking really likely that a currently vacant office building in Uptown (formerly occupied by Duke Energy) will be converted to nearly 450 apartments with about 50k square feet (!!!) of retail. There have been some smaller-scale office to residential conversions around NC, but I’m pretty sure this will be the largest one we have seen so far, and is going to be one of the more crucial projects in general in terms of impact. Outside of events at BofA Stadium, this is a pretty dead part of Uptown, and Lincoln Harris’s huge development across the street has been a disaster from a pedestrian perspective. The building in its present state accounts for about 800k sf of vacant office space in Uptown, which overall is currently sitting at about a 21% vacancy rate, so that will go down slightly. But the retail is the big news, and if it comes together as planned will be potentially a game-changer for Uptown, which has floundered a bit due to South End’s ascent. There is currently a noticeable amount of vacant retail nearby at the base of Legacy Union and 550 S Tryon, both of which seemed to be built in basically as an afterthought. Meanwhile, the Ally tower a block away has seen its retail take off, and I can easily see a situation where Lincoln Harris and Childress Klein are pushed to severely slash their retail rental rates, or renovate their retail spaces to be much more inviting than they currently are.

Pics below are of the current site compared to the rendering. I’m hopeful this will turn out well, but Charlotte has a consistent track record of seeing projects severely value-engineered into EIFS-covered shit so who knows.


The rendering of that retail space is awesome