Signs and Wayfinding

Could this be? Could this be the long awaited IKE kiosks? :star_struck:


ooh, 100 percent, it’s even got the cutout in the upper left!

IKE Smart City

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Yes. 4 years later, finally. :grin:


I mean that’s cool and all, but I don’t see the point. Once I’m at Barcelona Wine Bar, I never want to go anywhere else… :grin:

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Over/Under 3 months gets vandalized .

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They’re privately owned and maintained so the company will handle maintenance and repair. FWIW, in every other city I’ve been to that have these (a lot) they’re all in perfect condition.


Here is a link to the story regarding “IKE” from CBS17

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I have seen them in Greensboro for a couple of years . Seem to be in good shape. Did not know it was a private enterprise. Makes sense.

The screens have been unleashed! Super cool looking and I love the realtime transit information. The touch sensitivity was off/broken on one side (or just needs recalibration), but the other side was snappy and responsive.


I’m so excited about the realtime transit information.


I played with this one last night and also found that the Peace facing side was a bit finicky.


Not really sure where to post this one. I hope it plays J.G. Wentworth commercials on repeat. :upside_down_face:


First step to being the next big thing at NYE

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Haha. I feel that image is a bit ambitious. I’m expecting the signs to look like smaller versions of the one along Wade outside PNC arena.

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Id love this for the creamery development and the omni hotel.


Wow. Never seen these before. Kind of amazing and they look great.

First of all, they are relocatable. That custom video wrap on that building shown is more than ambitious.

Have been watching for the past couple of days what has to be one of the neatest job site contractors I have ever seen cut a trench and install electrical conduit in the SW corner area of Moore Square along the linear plaza bordering East Martin.

Clean cuts, excavated material on tarps, carefully constructed backfill. All shovel work. No muss, no fuss.

Pedestal left behind as they backfill and patch is not in line with light pedestals nor needed for spacing. It’s a well lit corner.

Possibly a wayfinding signage location?

Would be a good place for one.



This one is pretty popular in Tokyo. I saw it in person myself.