Sir Walter Apartments


I tried to find a topic on this building, but couldn’t. Might be a good spot to start speculation on the future of it.

Plus Chick-fil-A will be closing after 22 years in mid November.

Chick-fil-A closing downtown Raleigh location after 22 years


With funding extended for the Sir Walter recently I would think it’s not moving out of its current mission for quite awhile. It will be interesting to see what moves in to the Chikfila space. Hopefully it’s something low cost and quick. I know people don’t like chain restaurants but they do fill a void in DTR. Like a Wendy’s would be nice…


That location, especially during the week is usually slammed. Doesn’t seem closing would be for revenue purposes.


Hopefully chick fil a opens somewhere else. I go there often working right across the street. My co-worker goes every single day for lunch.


Sad to hear this… I go there several times every week. Wish they could just sell the whole business to another owner…


I’ve always thought it strange that Chick Fil A not close that location but give it a complete makeover. If it looked like a their more modern spots, maybe they could have extended hours and do better. Just speculation though.


They did do a complete interior makeover a few years ago. You just can’t tell from the outside.


Well then I stand corrected. Shows you how much I went to that location.


It’s never open… I almost forgot it exists because I don’t go downtown M-F during the day. They could’ve made a fortune if they were open Friday and Saturday nights till midnight…


Another news site is reporting it is due to a “lease change.”


Rumor: Chick-fil-a may be moving across the street into the old Tulum spot.


Please be true. No one has been able to find success in that spot, but if anyone could, Chick Fil A could


That spot is cursed. It feels so closed off because of the awning of the Duke Energy building.


DEC 31, 2018 02:53 PM EST

Sold: Downtown Raleigh’s Sir Walter Apartments; renovation planned

The Sir Walter Hotel at 400 Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh was converted to… more


I don’t want to be that jerk - but what a lost opportunity. I’m sad that ballroom is being converted to other uses. This building will now officially never be the grand hotel it once was.


Same here, but man this does not belong on Fayetteville street. It sucks because Fayetteville Street, instead of being the great unifying anchor between the warehouse district and Moore square district, is imo a bisector of mediocrity. Converting Sir Walter into a Grand hotel would have been a step in the right direction. Hopefully they bring in some high-quality retail on the first floor oh, something that is open much later than that Chick-fil-A ever was


What a wasted opportunity for the City.


Could have been a gem. Look at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.


What a photo! Come on TBJ! :joy:


They could have at least captured a semi-recent screenshot from Google Street View . . . I mean, seriously . . .