Site not sending password/account creation emails

Is there an issue with the site sending emails? Looks like password reset requests/account creation isn’t working.

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From my POV, everything is working fine but you are not the first to mention an issue with emails. Are you not receiving the password reset email?

Another user mentioned the same but after changing the email on the account, they then received it. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Tried that and it didn’t appear to work. All my emails are through gmail, so that might be the problem. However, I did try the method you mentioned and haven’t received anything yet. Tried the password reset email a few times over the last week and account creation once.

Others have found the email going to their junk/spam folders. Any chance it’s there or it’s just not getting to you at all? If not at all, let’s take this to a direct message and if you are willing to help me troubleshoot, I would appreciate it.

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Looks like it is going to spam. Odd, because I thought I checked it, but I must have only checked the promotional folder. Thanks!

Not ideal but at least you got it. I’ll have to see why it’s flagging it as spam. Thanks for asking.

@xdavidj , any chance you could send the email headers in a private message to Leo and I? In gmail it’s called “Show Original”.

I had this problem a few weeks ago, stayed logged in from my laptop for the longest time and when it died a month or so ago, I couldn’t remember my password and was unable to log back in for a couple weeks. Password reset emails never came through, even tried making a new account but that didn’t work either. Fortunately my brother was able to message Leo and get my email address changed, and that eventually let me reset my password.

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