Sites 2 & 3, Omni CC Hotel + Tower

For height comparison, it’s stated it will be as tall as the Truist/Two Hannover Building. Considering this a win if it reaches that height.

Omni hotel would soar over Raleigh skyline (


Man if Salisbury Square doesn’t happen maybe we can straightened Salisbury Rd like previously envisioned.

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Yep, understood, but if there’s someone who’ll build 27 stories on a parking lot…then, let’s roll…
And, let’s find someone who’ll go 37 stories next door for Resi. ASAP.


I’d say that convention centers love hotels that are across the street bc it can command large reservations of space directly adjacent. So, both proximity and size of hotel are important. Even being a few blocks away doesn’t always help hotel business bc there are always variables with distance that they can’t control.

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Is this only for one of the 2 lots? It might just be a wonky rendering but I’d really like for this to be on one lot and have the other be a separate tower project.

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Based on the WRAL article, it only occupies the one block, so the block to the east is still open for development


Should say that WRAL is conflating floor count with height, a typical mistake of theirs. Hotels have lower slab to slab heights than office, so I doubt it’ll be as tall as Truist, but something in the 350’-400’ range is certainly possible.


Well after all the tallest building in the city is in North Hills. I learned that on WRAL too. :crazy_face:


Just the hotel site. They had the option for both, but focused only on hotel development. We will decide what to do with the other site: I support putting it back out for RFI for multifamily development.


It better to
Make the building taller with a Nice design

Multifamily housing makes a lot of sense here to me. Brings tons of residents to help ongoing efforts to revitalize Fayetteville St, it’s a safe bet vs office in this economic climate, and more housing is always needed regardless.


First Citizens Bank, Raleigh’s new Fortune 500 Headquartered company could build a nice 50-story tower next door…


I think, as @JonathanMelton mentions, the fact this is already funded is crucial. Couple that with the announced funding for the convention center/red hat expansion too. I can’t wait to see what happens with this part of downtown over the next couple of years!!


Totally agree. We desperately need the hotel under construction sooner rather than later. They’d have to put a residential component on top of the hotel to approach a 40 story height. If residential is not in their wheelhouse, they’d have to bring in a partner, something that would introduce a considerable delay.

I’d honestly prefer the city-owned lots near the bottom of the picture stay undeveloped and have development surround the theater complex.


Considering my lack of computer rendering skills, who’s gonna make the Saunders money shot mock up?


Right? Aren’t they just a permanent park anyway? (which makes for a lovely setting around one of our prettiest buildings)


No plans to build there. It’s open space.


Starting to watch it myself.

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Thanks for the updates! Exciting news, but I share the concerns of others that the city is granting one of its most prime—if not it’s best (?)—lots for a building that’s a bit underwhelming. A 27-story box is not what most expected for this lot, but I do understand the benefits of a funded project with a good brand. So mixed feelings I guess. Again thanks for the update.