Sites 2 & 3, Omni CC Hotel + Tower

27 stories and ~420 ft building doesn’t seem underwhelming to me. An 8-10 story ~150 ft building would be what I would consider underwhelming. If it’s the design, who knows, maybe it will change. Seems like an awesome addition to downtown and the skyline.


This was done by an intern in MS Paint???

LOL. Agree, but meanwhile…


LOL man they’re really good with MS Paint… My renderings using that look like Jake’s.



I liked the complaints about shadows and it being much too tall in some of the other comments. Because building a tall building on Fayetteville Street is such a wild idea.

I did notice, they’ve pushed the tower back to the north so it steps down to the concert hall, and gives the pool a nice southern exposure.


It won’t be ~420 ft. As @Kevin stated before, WRAL is conflating floor count with height. The typical floor to floor height of a hotel is around ~10 ft. Now it will definitely be taller than 270’ as a result of the lobby, parking deck, and conference space likely having higher ceilings but my guess is that this ends up at around 350’.


Completely different mindsets from folks on here.

And yeah, that pool area is going to be fantastic for guests.


Thanks Jonathan for your leadership, putting the other side out for RFI is a great idea but perhaps keep use open (multifamily, mixed use or office) whoever gets the job done and as high as possible :slight_smile:


I think I post this once a year but the height is perfectly fine. I’d rather we have a city with numerous buildings rather than the tallest of the tallest. Briefly stated, let’s fill up Fayettteville Street and then permeate outward. This hotel is very much welcome from me. Bring it on!


Would be dope if there is a rooftop bar next to the pool and then they offer up day passes for non hotel guests.


quick attempt with screenshot from today’s Lee Tillett drone video of The Weld.


Omni OKC is 214’ tall with 17 stories. Say they carried that average floor height over, it would be around 340’ tall


I am 100% going to take advantage of that at some point. I’d imagine they’ll give you complimentary access to the pool if you take advantage of a spa treatment.

Anyone up for a spa day in 2027?


Man they’ve barely begun negotiations and you’re already planning a spa day in this theoretical hotel? Count me in! :laughing:


Those pining for 40+ story buildings anywhere are going to be waiting for a long, long time. With office construction dead for the foreseeable future its almost impossible to get anywhere close to 40 in our market without it. 25-30 story projects are a huge win anywhere in this City.


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I hate to tell you but this is how most everything in emerging cities without transit is being built these days. Heck, even places with transit are getting these parking podiums. We can only hope that the city does its job and pushes for the best possible screening solution we can get.


Cities can be built with most of the skyline residential. Just look at Miami. Most of its skyline are condos and apartment buildings with the tallest building in the entire state of Florida being apartments.


It does help that wealthy South Americans tend to use those apartments as vacation dwellings and as, essentially, safe deposit boxes in the sky - tying up their capital in North American real estate is a safe way to invest and gives them a bolthole if things go south at home. London has a lot of that, too, from Asia and Eastern Europe. Raleigh isn’t quite there yet!

A lot of those towers have full time residents in them as well, not just parked money. Seasonal housing is likely more of a boost to that market than just parked money.

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