Soil Testing next to Firestone


Saw a drill next to the Firestone last week in what appeared to be soil testing. Anybody heard anything about the Firestone block recently?


which side of Firestone ?


What type of drill rig?? Could be soil/groundwater sampling for due diligence (small probe rig) or geotechnical drilling (larger rig) for structural design. #GeologyRocks :slight_smile:


Ditto this. Whiskey Kitchen had to dig out tons of contaminated dirt under their patio. There could have been a plume someone else gets to deal with now…

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That hilltop corner would make for a prominent 20 story mixed use tower.


Evan, you are too funny…20 stories…Lol :wink::blush:


SkyHouse II perhaps??? :slight_smile:

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That would be maximizing the zoning, and that is a hilltop :slight_smile: I’m not in the “Raleigh must look like Manhattan” camp, but I would like a wider skyline and activation of that corner


The parking lot to the left of the Firestone shop

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Sounds like I might have to investigate this… and pop in to Crank Arm while I’m in the neighborhood


Oh duh…you guys mean the actual Firestone! I was referring to the Whiskey Kitchen site which historically was a Firestone Tire shop :neutral_face:
Yes, activate that corner in an urban manner.


Maybe something happens here? If so, here’s what it used to look like: